Adding & Inviting Members

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Customer Success Advisor
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The Members tab is where you can find a list of your Members and Leads


Leads are members who have come into your Hub from either a promotion, referral offer, through a contact form, or self-registration on your Hub microsite. Please click here for more information.


Members are customers you have invited to participate in your rewards program. Member profiles can be sorted and filtered. You can quickly find all members with a specific tag or registration status.




Adding a New Member

To create a new member profile in the Hub, simply do the following: 


Click the Add Member button


Fill in the new member's First Name, Last Name, and Status Tag 



Connect a card, or click Skip adding card


Click Add Member



Invite the member to join the Hub

You are able to send an email invite for members to help them move quickly through the registration process. You will be able to see the last time you sent an invite until the member is registered.