Removing Points from a Member

Need to remove points from a member? No problem! It's just as easy as adding them, and can be accomplished in two different ways.

Jump to the Member's Profile

You can jump to a member's profile by doing one of the following four things:

  • Swipe the member's card

  • Type their first and last name in the search bar

  • Click on Advanced Search and locate their account by using the filters

  • Click the Find button and locate their account by using various search terms

Option 1: Void Awarded Points
Once you are in your member's profile, click on the Activity tab.
Hover over the activity that contains the points you would like to void, and click the Void link that appears at the right.
Click OK if you are certain that you want to void this award.


Once the void is approved, the member's points will be immediately deducted, and a note will appear in their activity feed confirming that points were voided.


Option 2: Manually Subtract Points

Once you are in your member's profile, click on the Add Points tab. Then, check the box next to Misc.

You will see two empty fields labeled Points and “Description.”

  • Under the “Points” field, enter the negative (-) number of points you’d like to remove the member.

  • Under the “Description” field, type in the reason for why this amount of points is being removed.


Click + Add Points to complete the process.


DISCLAIMER: The removal of points and the reason for point removal are subject to each business.
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