Searching for a Member

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Customer Success Advisor
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Finding members in the Hub is a fast, easy process. Here are 4 different methods you can try!  


1. Swipe their Rewards Card or scan their Rewards App

If your office uses cards and card readers, go to the homepage and swipe your member's card to immediately bring up their profile.

If your member has the Rewards Hub app, you can scan the QR code in their app to bring up their profile.

Membership Card Layout.jpg


2. Use the Search Bar

Type your member's name (first and then last) into the search bar and click on their name in the drop-down menu once it appears.



3. Use the Advanced Search Page

Click Advanced Search to bring up the Advanced Search page.


From this page, you can enter any information you have about a member - even the smallest amount of information (i.e. the month of birth) could find a member's profile.



4. Use the Members Page Filters

Go to Users > Members and use the filters to find the profile you're looking for.