Awarding Points to a Member

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Awarding points to your members is easy peasy! Once you navigate to your member's profile, click on the Add Points tab.

Adding Points from Reward Menu


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You can also add comments that your members and other users will see by clicking the document icon. 




These comments can be useful for various reasons, including:

  • Documenting referrals (in case they didn't come in via Referral Manager)

  • Preventing points from being awarded multiple times for the same reason 

  • Providing a great member experience! 




Miscellaneous Points

If you would like to award points for a reason not already listed in the Reward Menus, simply use the Misc. option at the bottom. Enter the reason for the points, and then the number of points you would like to award.



Non-admin users may need to have these miscellaneous points approved by an admin before they show on the members's profile. **Admins, please go to Pending Rewards on the homepage. From there, click Fulfill or Void


pending points.jpg


When your members receive points, this is what it looks like on their end!  NOTE: We recommend all users update their profile to include a photo!