AxisCare Integration

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Welcome to the Hubbux Teams support guide for setting up your AxisCare integration. This integration allows you to seamlessly import caregiver records from AxisCare into Hubbux, automatically create Hub Member profiles for new caregivers, and keep caregiver statuses in sync. Follow the steps below to get started.


  • Admin rights in Hubbux
  • Admin rights in AxisCare with access to API tokens


Go to Settings ⚙️>Integrations>AxisCare




Connect and Enter Credentials

Click Connect to get started.


axiscare connect.jpg


You need your API Token from AxisCare. To find this, log into AxisCare and navigate to Admin>API Token>Create New Token. If you do not see this option, please call AxisCare support and they can immediately grant you access. 


API token.jpg


Please be sure to COPY the API Token so you can come back into Hubbux to paste it. Click, I DID IT, NEXT.

You are now ready to enter your token and Site number. Click CONNECT


input axiscare info.jpg


Once you are connected, you'll be taken back to the AxisCare integration overview page.


integration overview.jpg


Tag Mapping

Once your system is integrated with Hubbux, you'll receive an alert to set up your Tag Mapping or you may navigate directly to Settings ⚙️>Integrations>AxisCare>Tag Mapping.

On the left, you will find statuses pulled in from AxisCare. Click the dropdown button to the right to search or type for the appropriate Hubbux tag. 

tag mapping.jpg


Common Questions and Troubleshooting

  • Site Identifier: Ensure that the Site Identifier is entered exactly as shown in the example (e.g., https://[SiteIdentifier]
  • API Token: If you do not see the API Tokens option in AxisCare, contact AxisCare Support to enable this page for you.
  • Adding Tags: If you need to add new tags or add tags to groups, refer to our articles on managing tags and groups in Hubbux.
  • Hubbux will update nightly with new information from AxisCare. However, if you need to update caregiver information immediately, you can use the Get Updates button under the sync status in the Integration page to manually trigger an update from AxisCare.
  • Check Last Sync Date: If you ever have trouble finding a caregiver's profile in your Hub, check the Last Sync Date to ensure it matches the current date. If it does not, you can use the Get Updates button or email us at
  • Check Import Failures: If the Last Sync Date is current, check out the Caregiver Import Failures to see if there might have been an error that prevented their profile from transitioning over from AxisCare or properly updating in the Hub.
    • To do this, simply click on the Import Failures section to open the list. Then, search for your missing caregiver's name.
    • If you find them in the Import Failures section, look at the errors column in their row to see what caused the hiccup. As soon as this error is addressed, their profile will sync with the Hub.

If you need assistance, please reach out to us at