Managing Tags

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This is part 1 of a 2-article series relating to understanding "Tags" and how they work in conjunction with the Groups and Access Control features within your Rewards Hub. When you are finished with this article, click forward to the Groups and Access Control article.

Understanding the link between Groups and Tags

Before understanding the full scope of using Groups, there are two key terms to understand: Member Types and Tags.

A Member Type is established when a new member is created and added to the database. The member type options available are Member and Lead. Member types allow the Rewards Hub to categorize and separate your database.

Tags are custom-created keywords that can be added to any member in your database, regardless of their member type. Tags are crucial to creating a group, because they allow you to add people from different member types to the same groups.

To sum up, Groups are comprised of many member types who share similar tags.

Adding Members to a Group

To create a tag, you can do this by clicking on "Manage," followed by "Tags."




Click "Add New Tag" to begin creating a new tag.




Once you're finished, click "Create Tag."




It will then be added to the list of tags that can be viewed from this screen, or from within an individual group's settings.




Adding/Editting a Member's tag

To associate these tags with your members, access the member's profile. Click on the "Profile" tab. Underneath the Status button, click the link that says "edit tags."




A drop-down list will appear. Checkmark the boxes next to the tag you would like to add. Please click the "x" to remove any tags that no longer apply. 



Click "done" to finish.