Resetting Member Passwords

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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If a member would like to update their password, there are two easy ways to help them!

Option 1: Ask them to go to the login page of your Hub (either in a browser or the mobile app), and click the Forgot Password link beneath the Password field.  



Option 2: In your staff portal, navigate to the member's profile, then: 

  1. Click More Actions


  2. Click Reset Password


  3. If there are 2 emails on the profile, choose the one your member prefers. If your member no longer has access to the emails on their profile, please have them call us at (800) 560-1469 so we can add new emails to their profile and help them reset their password.


  4. Click Send


  5. Your member will receive a password reset email that looks like this and will be able to reset their password by clicking Reset Your Password