Transferring Points Between Hub Members

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Customer Success Advisor
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Transferring points between members is a simple process and can be done by either a Hub user or by the member themselves. All you need is a member willing to share their points, and at least one other member willing to accept them.

Option 1: Transfer Points by Hub user

First, navigate to the profile of the member who will be gifting their points.

Remove points from their account by using the Misc reward item. The trick here is to enter a negative (-) number in the Points field. Entering a negative number will remove those points from the member's points total. Include a comment that explains what you're doing. 




Next, navigate to the profile of the member who will be receiving the points, and add the same number of points to the receiving member using the Misc. reward item. Again, you'll want to write a descriptive comment to clarify why these points were added. 




Option 2: Gift Points in the Member Portal

Members can also transfer points without user assistance in their member portals. 

If a member's shopping cart total exceeds their points balance, when they try to checkout they will be able to select the option to Add an Additional Rewards Card.

On the next screen, they will be prompted to supply the rewards card information of another member who is gifting them points. Once that is provided, the requisite number of points will be transferred to fulfill the order.


Credit Card Upgrade option

Lastly, if a member only needs a few points to be able to complete their redemption once their membership is coming to a close, they may also choose to pay the difference via a personal credit card.


CC upgrade option.jpg


Once they have entered their credit card information, they'll complete the check out process like normal.