QR Code Automation: The Doggie Paw Print Hunt 🐾 🐢

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Add some extra fun to your office visits by creating The Doggie Paw Print Hunt using your Hub's QR code automation. Visitors can search for paper paw prints containing QR codes and scan the codes with their mobile device to automatically award themselves points. It's doggone fun!  🐢


Create QR Codes for Each Dog Paw

  1. Visit Automations in your Hub (Manage > Automations) and click [Create]
  2. Choose [Office Visit Points - QR Code]
  3. Give your automation a descriptive title, like "Doggie Paw Print Hunt - QR Code 1"
  4. Choose which groups are able to hunt for dog paws, like future and active members.
  5. Choose your reward amount. Keep in mind that every point in the Hub = 10 cents, and you'll have several paws that will have points. Consider varying the number of points for each paw.
  6. Set a QR Scan Limit high enough that each member can only receive points for each paw once (like once every 9 months)
  7. Activate the automation
  8. Download the QR code from the Assets list
  9. Print the code – scaled to 5% so that it fits on your dog paw
  10. Create a new QR code automation for each paw in your hunt so that members receive points when they scan each paw, as each code (paw) will only award points to each member once.



Prepare Your Dog Paws for the Hunt

  1. Download the dog paw graphics attached to the end of this article
  2. Print one paw per page
  3. Cut out your QR codes (printed at 5% scale) and attach a unique code to each paw (don't use the same QR code for all paws)
  4. Cut out your paws and post them around the office


Spread the Word

We've created a flyer to help spread the word in your office about the doggie paw print hunt. Consider placing it in an acrylic stand on your counter, so members see it when they check in for their visit.

Download the  PuppyHunt_QRcodes_Instructions.jpeg below. 

Note that members must be logged into the Patient Rewards Hub or Hubbux mobile app to award their points. If they haven't yet registered their account, you can send them an invite from their profile in your office portal.



Spread the word to members not scheduled to visit your office by creating an in-app message in Communications, an event using Promotions Manager, and post to social media to spread the word.

Download the PuyppyHunt_SocialPost.jpeg file attached below to create visual interest in your message.



Keep the fun going by using QR codes for office visits to increase member engagement. Check out this article to learn more.


⬇️  CLICK THESE LINKS ⬇️  to save the paw prints, instruction flyer, and social graphic to your computer!