October 2021 Referral Campaign: Choose Kindness

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Note: This article accompanies October 2021's Hub Action Plan


Scheduling a seasonal campaign with a new offer, graphics and content puts your referral program back in front of your members.

This Choose Kindness campaign encourages members to refer friends and family to share and receive a special offer. Emails, in-app notifications, and social media posts are automatically sent on the day the campaign begins.



Step 1: Set your Campaign's Name, Schedule, and Rewards


[Name your campaign]:
Oct 2021: Choose Kindness

[Set schedule]:
Start: 10/1/21
End: 10/31/21

[Set rewards]:
Member reward: 350 points (equal to $35 in rewards; adjust if needed)
Invitee reward: 350 points (equal to $35 in rewards; adjust if needed)

Step 2: Load your Campaign Image


[Campaign image]

Choose EDIT IMAGE > STATIC TEMPLATES and select the image above from the library


Step 3: Create your Member Share Page Message


[Patient share page]:
Headline text:

Choose Kindness: Share Rewards With Friends and Family

Body text:
Hi [Member First Name],

We're recognizing National Bullying Prevention Month with an offer that helps spread kindness to others. Now through [End Date], you can reward your friends and family with [Invitee Reward] in their new rewards account when they're referred to us by you through this offer. That's a value of $35 that they can redeem toward gift cards, prizes, or donations.

We want to choose kindness too, so we're giving you a reward of [Member Reward] as soon as your friend joins our family! Share our offer through social media, text or email today – and look for other ways to spread kindness this month. Thank you!


Step 4: Create the Message your Member's Invitee will Receive


[Patient Message to Invitee]:
Message subject:
Here's a Special Offer I'd Like to Share With You

Body text:
October is National Bullying Prevention Month, so [Practice Name] is spreading kindness by offering  [Member Reward] in rewards to all new customers when they're referred through this friends & family offer. Points can be redeemed for $35 in gift cards, or you can choose to share the kindness by donating your points to an anti-bullying charitable organization. Either way, [Practice Name] will make a donation to the same charity in your honor. Click on the link by [End Date] to learn more.


NOTE: This text refers to the opportunity for invitees to donate their points to an anti-bullying charitable organization. You can add donations to charities in your prizes menu. Click here to learn more.  If you choose not to set up a donation, please edit the campaign text accordingly.


Step 5: Create your Invitee Signup Page Message


[Invitee Signup Page]:
Headline text:
[Member First Name] thinks you'd be interested in spreading kindness

Body text: 
Help us support anti-bullying organizations during National Bullying Prevention Month. When you join our family by [End Date], we will add [Invitee Reward] in your new rewards account and donate to an anti-bullying charity in your honor. We look forward to meeting you!


Step 6: Create the Invitee Confirmation Page Message


[Invitee Signup Confirmation Page]:
Headline text:
Thank you for joining in our effort to spread kindness, [Invitee First Name]!

Body text: 
We will contact you soon to schedule a time to meet and award you [Invitee Reward] in your new rewards account.
Visit us at [Practice Website] to learn more about us.


Schedule Campaign!


Good Idea: Review the Campaign Communications Settings

July_RAF_Communication.png It's always a good idea to review your Communication setting before your referral campaign launches. To do so, simply click [Communication] and preview the Engagement and Participation Messages.


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