Q1 2023 Referral Promotion: An Un-BRR-lievably Good Deal! 🥶

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Customer Success Advisor
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Note: This article accompanies the Q1 2023 Hub Action Plan 

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Did you know that the Hub's Referral Manager allows you to view the names of members who share your referral offer, even before their friend reaches out to you? January's referral campaign incentivizes your members to share your offer by awarding points each time they text, email, or promote you on social media through Referral Manager in the Hub. More shares equals more referrals in 2023! 

Step 1: Set your Campaign's Name, Schedule, and Rewards


[Name your campaign]:
An Un-BRR-lievably Good Deal! 🥶

[Set schedule]:
Start: 1/1/2023
End: 1/31/2023

[Set rewards]:
Member reward: 10 Points for every time you "share" this deal (adjust if needed)
Invitee reward: A Complimentary Consultation and $xxx off treatment (adjust if needed)

Step 2: Load your Campaign Image


[Campaign image]

Choose EDIT IMAGE > UPLOAD YOUR OWN and add the two images attached at the end of this article.



Step 3: Create your Member Share Page Message


[Patient share page]:
Headline text:

Share this un-BRR-lievably good deal with your friends! 🥶

Body text:

Plunge into January with a deal snow good, you'll want to share it! ❄️


Now through [End Date] you will receive 10 points every time you share this unBRRlievable deal with a friend who is interested in becoming part of the [Practice Name] family!


We won't leave your friends out in the cold! They'll receive [Invitee Reward] when they become our newest member.


But hurry! This unBRRlievable deal ends on [End Date].


*Shares for this promotion are automatically tracked and must be done from the Hub using one of the platforms below


Step 4: Create the Message your Member's Invitee will Receive


[Patient Message to Invitee]:
Message subject:
Here's an un-BRR-lievable deal you can't pass up! 🥶

Body text:
[Practice Name] is offering an un-BRR-lievably good deal and I immediately wanted to share it with you. Click the link to check out the details. ❄️

This special offer ends on [End Date].


Step 5: Create your Invitee Signup Page Message


[Invitee Signup Page]:
Headline text:
[Member First Name] thinks you deserve this un-BRR-lievable deal! 🥶

Body text: 
We're snow excited to meet you! ❄️

Sign up for [Invitee Reward] when you become our newest member.

But don't wait too long, because this special offer ends on [End Date].


Step 6: Create the Invitee Confirmation Page MessageScreenshot_12-16-22_xcljr.png

[Invitee Signup Confirmation Page]:
Headline text:
Invitee [First Name], you are signed up for [Invitee Reward]


Body text: 
We'll be in touch soon to schedule your complementary consultation.

Visit us at [Practice Website] to learn more about us and the treatments we offer.


Schedule Campaign!


Good Idea: Review the Campaign Communications Settings

July_RAF_Communication.png It's always a good idea to review your Communication setting before your referral campaign launches. To do so, simply click [Communication] and preview the Engagement and Participation Messages.


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