Hub Check: A Checklist for Rewards Hub Success

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Customer Success Advisor
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When managed consistently, it takes only minutes to keep your Hub in tip-top shape. Here's a quick checklist to ensure you're maximizing the effectiveness of your Hub.

Hub Check thumbnail.png Look for a printable copy of this Hub Check at the bottom of this article ⬇️

gray horizontal line.pngDaily & Weekly

❏ Leads (learn more)

❍ Follow up on new member leads

❍ Convert of delete leads

❏ Reviews (learn more)

❍ Publish reviews and schedule posts for social media


❏ Points (learn more)

❍ QR codes for in-person and virtual visits

❍ View reports to ensure members are consistently receiving points

❏ Orders (learn more)

❍ Review orders and fulfill in-house prizes


❏ Calendar and Marketplace (learn more)

❍ Fill gaps in your Marketing Calendar with Marketplace content

❏ Contests (learn more)

❍ Select winner for last month's contest

❍ Schedule one or more contests for the month

❏ Surveys (learn more)

❍ Schedule two or more surveys for the month


Social Media (learn more)

❍ Review your Social Calendar and schedule content

Communication (learn more)

❍ Ensure daily messages are being sent

Promotions (learn more)

❍ Create promotions for upcoming events and offers

Hub Action Plan (view)

❍ Use for easy, copy-and-paste ideas


Referrals (learn more)

❍ Schedule seasonal campaigns with limited time offers

❍ Review Standard Referral Campaign and edit as needed

Reward Menu (learn more)

❍ Add and delete reward items as needed

❍ Let members know about new ways to earn points


Users (learn more)

❍ Ensure that staff profiles are up to date

What's New (view)

❍ Visit "What's New" in your Hub for the latest on new and enhances features





⬇️ Click on the link below to download a PDF version of Hub Check for easy reference ⬇️