Hub Speak – Healthcare Edition: What to Say When Talking About Your Patient Rewards Hub

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This version of Hub Speak is intended for healthcare practices who use the Hub and are not orthodontic or dental practices. Other versions are available:

Hub Speak: Orthodontic & Dental edition

Hub Speak: Hubbux edition


Talking about the Hub consistently is the best way to ensure your rewards program stays top-of-mind among your patients. But having some scripting ideas can also be helpful, so we've provided some here. Feel free to modify them to fit your practice needs and personality.


Introducing the Rewards Program to Patients

I’m so excited to tell you about our Patient Rewards Program! As a member of our program, you’ll get your own rewards card. You’ll earn points at each visit for things like being on time being on time to your appointment and practicing healthy habits. You can keep earning points between visits when you play contests, complete surveys, and more. You can earn points automatically from the very first time you log in.

You can access your Hub by downloading the Patient Rewards Hub app or clicking the link on our website. Once you logged in you can earn more points for participating in our contests, surveys, following us on social media and leaving a review. You can easily refer your friends through the app and you’ll both get rewarded when they become our patient.

When you earn enough points, you can trade them in for some awesome prizes like iTunes, Target, Starbucks and more! There is a ton to choose from that I know you're going to love!


Talking About the Rewards Program at Each Visit

Make sure every patient hears these three things each time they're in the office:

  1. This is what you earned points for today:
  2. Are you saving your points for something special, like a Target or Amazon card?
  3. Here's how you can earn more points are home:

For example: You earned 10 points today for being on time for your appointment, having updated immunizations, and completing a wellness checklist, so you now have a total of 49 points. Are you saving your points for something special, like a Target or Amazon card?   [wait for response]  That's great! If you haven't left us a review yet this is the perfect time to do so as we're currently awarding extra points for Hub reviews. I suggest doing it today while you're thinking about it because the promotion ends on April 30th.


Lightbulb.png Genius Idea

Change your bonus rewards every 6 weeks so patients hear a different suggestion each time they visit.

Here are some ideas for promotions: 

Referrals Contests Social media follows
Reviews Surveys Special events or offers