Managing your Reward Menu


From anywhere in the application, place your cursor over the “Manage” section in the grey toolbar at the top of your screen, and click on “Reward Menu” in the drop-down box.

From here, you can add reward categories, add reward items, and reorganize these items to your preference.

The Reward Menu page should look something like this:

Add Reward Item

When you create or edit a reward item, you’ll have the ability to choose which Groups will see them. Offering different reward items to different groups will help you achieve your behavior modification objectives and marketing goals.

To begin, click the “Add Reward Item” button.

In the blank boxes, enter the description of the reward and the point value, then assign the reward category to a specific group of members (i.e. Kids Club, Business Ambassadors) using the drop-down menu.

The colored boxes below these fields represent Groups that you have created (if you have not created a user group yet, click here to find out how). By checking/unchecking the boxes, you can set permissions for certain groups to have access to this reward item. You can also hover over the boxes to see more details about each of them, including their descriptions, features, and user counts.

When you're finished, click “Save” to submit the new reward item.

Edit Reward Items

If you would like to change the Name, Point Value, Category or group permission of a particular reward item, simply click on the "Edit" link next to the item.  

Once you are finished editing, click on the "Save" button.  If you'd like to make the reward an active or inactive item, click the appropriate bullet in the item's row.

Add Reward Category

Click the “Add Reward Category” button.

Enter the new Category Name in the blank field and click “Save.” 

This will create your new category:

Reorder Categories And Items

Click “Reorder Rewards Groups and Items.”

From here, you can organize all of your reward items and/or reward categories to how you want them viewed on the page.  

Simply rearrange the order of categories by clicking and dragging an entire category to the position you want.  

You can also click and drag a single reward item using the blue icon next to the item to rearrange it within its current category or place it into a new category.

When you've successfully rearranged an item, you will see a message appear in a green box saying "Your new sort order was saved!"

When you are finished, click “Done” at the bottom of the screen.
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