March 2021 Promotion: Girl Scout Cookie Drive

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Note: This article accompanies March 2021's Hub Action Plan


Invite members to support overseas troops or hometown heroes while supporting their local Girl Scouts when you hold a Girl Scout cookie drive. Reward participation among your members with Hub points, and invite them to share this event with their friends and family by sending them an email and in-app message with a pre-linked "share" button to your landing page where they can find all of the details, along with QR codes in social posts, messages, and print materials.

Feel free to adjust the text and graphics to fit the needs of your business, and be sure to hyperlink to the Girl Scouts' cookie finder so that members can find Girl Scout cookies during these trying times of the pandemic. 

Donated cookies can be dropped off at your local fire or police stations, hospitals, or sent to military troops overseas.



Step 1: Event Details: Where, When, Who


[Title for Internal Use]:
March 2021: Girl Scout Cookie Drive

Start Date: 3/1/2021  (adjust if needed)
End Date: 3/31/2021   5:00 PM (adjust if needed)

uncheck "show times"




Step 2: Add a Promotion Image


[Campaign image]
Then choose EDIT IMAGE > STATIC TEMPLATES (navigate to correct image)


Step 3: Add your Promotion Description


Headline text:
Eat. Share. Show You Care.


Girl Scout cookies are a great way to show you care about our heroes overseas and right here at home while supporting your local Girl Scouts, so we're holding a Girl Scout cookie drive throughout the month of March. 

Drop off new boxes of Girl Scout cookies to our office between now and March 31st and we'll add 10 points per box to your rewards account! The cookies will be donated to troops overseas, as well as hometown heroes like our first responders and front line healthcare workers. 

Need help finding Girl Scout cookies? Simply click here to get started.


Note: hyperlink to this site to find Girl Scout cookies:


Step 4: Publish Date


Publish Date: 1 week before promotion start date  (adjust if needed)



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