Q1 2023 Promotion: Brackets For A Cause πŸ€

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Note: This article accompanies Q1 2023 Hub Action Plan



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Step 1: Offer Details: What, When, Who


[Title for Internal Use]:
March Madness: Brackets For A Cause

Start Date: 3/1/2023 (adjust as needed)
End Date: 4/3/2023 (adjust if needed)



Step 2: Add a Promotion Image


[Campaign image]


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Step 3: Add your Promotion DescriptionScreenshot_12-19-22_dwal6.png

Headline text:
March Madness: Brackets For A Cause

Participate in our March Madness Brackets Contest and you can win $XXX for a local sports team of your choice!


Want a chance to win $XXX for your favorite local youth sports team? Join us by participating in our March Madness: Brackets for a Cause contest. Participating is so easy, it's a slam dunk!πŸ€

1. Stop by our office to pick up your brackets or download them yourself from the document center in your Hub.

2. Return your completed brackets by March 14, 2023

3. Be sure to include your name, as well as the name of the sports team you are playing for at the top of the brackets.

4. Prizes will be awarded to highest scoring participants for:

   πŸ€ The First Round (100 Hub points)
   πŸ€ Sweet 16 (150 Hub points)
   πŸ€ Final 4 (200 Hub points)
   πŸ€ Championship Game ($XXX to your favorite local youth sports team)

Good luck and thanks for helping us support local youth sports!


*Please note - sign up form below is for new patient inquiries only



Step 4: Publish Date





  A coordinating March Madness bracket has been created for this promotion. Print it out by the time your promotion starts on March 1st and have it available for your members so they can submit their bracket before the start of March Madness. Download the bracket by clicking on the file name at the end of this article. πŸ‘‡   March_Madness_Bracket.jpg  


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