Setting Up Automations: Birthday

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Customer Success Advisor
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If you’ve ever wanted a way to automatically award points in the Hub, then check out Automation Manager!

With this tool, you can set up triggers that will ensure your Hub members are automatically awarded points for things like birthdays, anniversaries, punctuality, and more. Interested in learning more? Follow the steps below to set up your first automation. 


Step 1: Navigate to Automation Manager

Click the Manage tab followed by Automation Manager



Step 2: Choose an Automation to Create

Click Create Automation to jump to the template gallery. 


Then click the Birthday automation.



Step 3: Create the Automation

Once inside the builder, you can choose your automation’s title, target audience, the number of points it will award, what kinds of notifications it will send, and even the graphic and message it will feature. 


We’ve created several graphics that you can choose from, but if you’d like to upload your own, you can do so as well!

Click the Communication button followed by the Edit Image button to see your options: 

  • Dynamic Templates
    utomatically customized to show member names and the points they'll be receiving
  • Static Templates
    One-size-fits-all, do not show recipient names or the amount of points they'll receive
  • Upload Your Own
    Like static templates, but designed by you! 


You can also edit the message your members will receive.


Finally, choose the event that will trigger this automation. Then click Activate Automation to turn your automation on. t7.png

Please Note: Once activated, your automation will automatically begin to run at 9:00 AM the next day. If necessary, you can make adjustments to it until 11:59 PM. 


Step 4: Create More Automations

You can use the same trigger (“Birthday” for example) for as many automations as you like. This is a great way to ensure that different members in your Hub receive messages and graphics perfectly tailored to them and the relationship they have with your business. 

You can do this by either repeating the first three steps above, or going to your Automation List and duplicating an automation you’ve already created. To duplicate an automation, click the dots on the top right corner of the automation you’d like to copy. 


Once it is copied, you can update its title and settings to fit your new audience.

Please Note: If you have more than one automation that uses the same trigger and is targeting the same audience, your audience will receive the automation with the earliest creation date.


Step 5: Review Your Automation History

You can see which members in your Hub have received automations by going to the Automation History tab. 

Step 6: Meet with Customer Success to Set Up CS_Lady.png

 Want help setting this up?  Click to schedule a quick one-on-one with your Customer Success Advisor!