QR Code Automation: Office Visit Points

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QR codes are an easy way to boost member participation in your rewards program! In this article, you'll find step by step instructions on how to create a QR code automation for Office Visit points. 


Step 1: Go to the Automation Manager

Click Manage > Automation Manager to navigate to your Automation Manager page.




Step 2: Create a New Automation

Click Create to access the automations you can activate.



Step 3: Select the QR Code Automation

Click Office Visit Points- QR Code to open the automation editor.




Step 4: Set Up the Automation

Start by creating a title for your automation. 


Next, choose the groups of members who will be allowed to receive points during an office visit.


In the "What" section, set the number of points members will receive. 

What section.jpg


In the "When" section, determine how frequently members will be allowed to receive points through this automation. Once your limit is set, click Activate Automation to launch your new automation! 




Step 5: Download QR Code assets

A pop-up will appear showing the created assets. These include:

  • Flyers, posters, and TV displays that you can showcase anywhere you like
  • FAQ sheets to answer any questions from your members
  • The QR code 


Click the calendar icons next to each of these to schedule them in your Marketing Calendar. 




Click here for instructions on how to create a QR Code for compliance points to put on a key ring to keep chairside. 

We hope this guide has been helpful, but if you still have questions or would like help setting things up, please email us at cs@practicegenius.com