QR Code Automation: Compliance Points

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QR codes are an easy way to boost member participation in your rewards program! In this article, you'll find step by step instructions on how to create a QR code automation for specific compliance points.

If a member is not logged in or not yet registered, they can enter their name and DOB to claim their points. Afterwards, they will be directed to complete the registration process.




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Create QR Codes for a Specific Reward Item

  1. Visit Automations in your Hub (Manage > Automations) and click [Create]
  2. Choose [Office Visit Points - QR Code]
  3. Give your automation a descriptive title, like "Great Treatment Compliance".
  4. Choose which groups this reward items applies to.
  5. Choose your reward amount. Keep in mind that every point in the Hub = 10 cents.
  6. Set a QR Scan Limit high enough that each member can only receive points for each item once per appointment 
  7. Activate the automation
  8. Download the QR code from the Assets list.
  9. Print the code – scaled to 5% so that it fits on your keyring
  10. Create new QR codes for each compliance item you wish to highlight.