Turn Off Prize Redemption

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Customer Success Advisor
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There may be instances when you wish to turn off prize redemption for a group of Members or Leads.
If your Hub is set up to include a "No Redemptions" group, and a "No Redemptions" tag, you can simply tag a member profile with the "No Redemption" tag. If your Hub is not set up with this group and you wish to add it, please visit the Tags, Groups, and Access Control section of this Support Center for more information.

Tagging a Member as "No Redemption"

To add a "No Redemptions" tag, access the member's profile. Then, click on the "Profile" tab. Underneath the blue "Status" section, click the blue link that says "edit tags."




When you click "Edit Tags," type "No Redemption", choose the tag, and click "Done"





Set a Reminder to Remove the "No Redemptions" Tag

If you wish to set a reminder to remove the "No Redemptions" tag after a period of time, you can add a Task in the member's profile. To do so, click "Tasks" and then "Add a new task"




Type a description of your task (i.e. Remove "No Redemptions" tag), assign to the User responsible for this task, assign a due date, and click "Save"




The task will appear on the dashboard of the user to whom it was assigned, and can be edited as needed, and then checked as completed once the tag has been removed. 


To remove the tag, simply navigate to the member profile, edit tags, and click the 'x' next to the name of the tag you'd like to remove. Please ensure the appropriate tag (Caregiver, etc) is added before removing the "No Redemptions" tag. 


Once the "No Redemptions" tag has been removed, your member will be able to see their redemption menu. If it's not immediately visible, have your member refresh their desktop screen or app.