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Customer Success Advisor
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Marketplace is a content powerhouse designed to help you socialize, engage and create meaningful brand experiences for your members.



We’ve made it easier for all users to see new content and select their favorites within Marketplace. 🎉




All users can view your Hub marketing: contests, surveys, social posts, and referral offers, so they can help keep your members in the know!

Below are links to step by step instructions on using Marketplace for the different features in your Hub.

Users with access to membership and rewards only, are able to add their input by choosing their favorite content in the Hub. This ability provides greater insight into what types of content resonates with your brand.

For information on User roles and permissions, please click here




The ability for Owners, Admins, and Marketing + Reward users to search and schedule contests, surveys, and social posts based on staff favorites helps streamline marketing efforts.




All users have access to the Marketing Calendar to view all of your current and forecasted marketing content.