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Contests are a fun way to engage with your members outside the office, increasing member satisfaction and keeping you top-of-mind in between visits. Your Hub is packed with contests that appeal to members of all ages, and cover a variety of topics, from guessing jars, to holidays and beyond. 



Schedule a Contest

Navigate to the Contests Manager by clicking Manage> Contests.




Contests are divided into five sections:

  1. "Needs Action": Completed contests awaiting winner selection or prize distribution.

  2. "Published": Active contests open for participation.

  3. "Scheduled": Upcoming contests.

  4. "Past": Finished contests with winners selected and prizes awarded.

  5. "All": Comprehensive list of all contests, regardless of status.





Click the "Add button" to start a new contest, then select Marketplace. In the future, you will be able to create your own Hub contest.




In the Marketplace, you can search contests using keywords, categories, timeframe, and style. You can sort the results by relevance or by the most recent additions.




After selecting a contest, use the "Playable Preview" to see how it works, or view screenshots for a brief overview.

Choose the reward for your contest. You can give points or choose a specific prize. Remember, members are more likely to participate when they receive some points but this is not mandatory. As a reminder, each point in the Hub equates to 10 cents and contests are enabled with default point values.

Select a date when you’d like your contest to begin and end. Note that you can have up to four contests running on any given date.

Select which groups of members can participate in your contest. Anyone not in this group will not see the contest in their Hub account. 

Click "Publish" to start or schedule your contest.


View Results

From the Contest Manager, you can see past contest participation as well as pick a winner for a recently ended contest. Once a winner is selected, points will be automatically awarded to the member and a message sent out to all participants. 




You can manage any contest by clicking on the three dots to the right of the contest card. This is where you can view, edit, or end any active contest.


Communication/Social Posts

By default, contest communication will go out to all registered members by email and in-app messaging at 9 a.m. on the morning the contest begins.

If set up in your social media settings, a Contest announcement will be made on your social media accounts at 9 o’clock on the morning the contest begins.

To update go to Settings>Social Media>Program Activities.




You may toggle off any you do not wish to auto-post.



If you do wish for Contests to post automatically, click Edit Default Channels to select where you want the announcements to post. 
Print Flyer
To view and print the contest flyer for a published or scheduled contest, please click on the 3 dots to to the right and click "View". Scroll down to the bottom to download and print the flyer.
Everyone likes to play! Click the Calendar to ensure that you have plenty of contests scheduled in your Hub.