Customizing Your Promotion's Confirmation Messages

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Customer Success Advisor
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When a prospect visits your promotion's landing page, they'll be invited to fill out a lead form as a way to request more information about your event or sign up for your offer.

After they fill it out the form and click Sign Up, they will receive both a confirmation message and an email about the promotion.

You can customize each of those using the steps below.


Confirmation Message

To customize the message your audience sees when they fill out the Sign Up Form on your promotion's landing page, open the promotion you want to edit, then click Advanced Settings on the left, followed by Lead Form Confirmation


This is the page that your leads will see after they complete the sign-up form.


Note: Be sure to customize the message, so they know that they will receive an email with additional information about your offer.


Confirmation Email

Now that you've adjusted your confirmation message, the next step is customizing your confirmation email.

This is the email leads will see after they sign up for the offer on your landing page. Customize the message, so they know that you will be contacting them about your offer.

As seen in the reference image below, you can use variables in your messages so that prospects receive emails customized for them with the specifics of your event, offer, and business details.


You can then see how the email will appear to your prospective client by either clicking Send Test Email or Preview.


Are Offer and Event Lead Forms the Same?

Offers have Sign-Up Forms

When you create an Offer, your audience will see a sign-up page like the one below. The primary purpose of the lead form within the Offer promotion is to generate new business from new or existing customers.


Events have Lead Forms

When you create an Event, your audience will see a sign-up page like the one below. The purpose of the lead form within the Event promotion is to collect information about new customers that received information about your event through one of your members.