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Promotions Manager makes spreading the word about your special events and offers quick and easy!



Navigate to the Promotions Manager by clicking Manage> Promotions.


Once there, you’ll see all of your current or published promotions. You can also see any promotions scheduled to begin on a future date, promotions in draft form, and any of your past promotions. All published, scheduled, and draft promotions can be edited by clicking the three vertical dots on the right side of the promotion overview. Past promotions can be duplicated, so you don’t have to start from scratch the next time you want to run a similar promotion.


Create a new promotion

Click "Create" and decide if you want an Event or an Offer. 




Public events include an easy way for your members to share information about your event with their friends using a Share link. Offers include a signup form that, once filled out, creates a new lead in your Hub. This is great for attracting new business.


"Title" This will only be used internally. We recommend the title be descriptive, and you might consider including the month and year you are running this promotion for future reference.


"Where" is the location for the promotion. Options include your own locations, a separate venue, an online event, or a location to be determined later. You can always edit the promotion later once you’ve decided where it will be. If you don’t want the location to show, choose "None".


"When" are the start and end dates and times of the promotion. If your promotion doesn’t have definite start and end points, choose today’s date to begin and an end date well into the future so that the Hub continues to show this promotion in your member accounts. Unclicking "Show Dates and Times" under "Advanced Settings" makes it so the dates you enter are not visible to your members.


"Who" is where you select if the promotion is public or private to your current Hub members. If your promotion is only available for members or specific groups in your Hub, then choose that option and filter down the groups who can view this promotion. If you want to invite people outside of your Hub members, then select "Public" so they can sign up for your offer or event. All public promotions can be viewed as landing pages under your Hub's microsite's Promotions & Events tab.


"What" is where you will set the information for your event.


Start by choosing an image for your promotion. You can click through all the images that are available in the system. If you prefer, you can upload your own image. Please be sure to follow the image guidelines to ensure the highest quality.


Next, you will add details about your promotion.


"Headline" This will appear at the top of all marketing materials that are generated for this promotion. The summary appears as a subhead and should provide just enough information to entice readers to read on for more information. 


"Details and Outline" this is where you will provide all the specifics about this promotion. You can use the text editor to format and keep in mind that it is best to always end with a call to action answering the question on how someone would participate in this promotion.


"Publish Date" this is when information about your promotion appears in your member accounts. If it's public, this date also determines when the landing page will appear on your Hub’s microsite.


Once you click the publish button, your marketing materials are generated and ready for you to use! This is a real time-saving feature of promotions! 


Spread the word!

To schedule a post using Social Media Manager in your Hub, click the "Set-Up" button, edit as needed, and click ‘Schedule Post’.  You can also download the image that is created to be used in other platforms.


To send an email and in-app message to your rewards members about a promotion, click the "Member Messages", then the "Set Up in Communications" button. Here you’ll be able to choose which recipients receive the message and you can customize both the content and formatting. Though you can send the message immediately if you wish, it’s more likely that you’ll schedule this message by adding the date and time you’d like it to be sent and choose how often you’d like it to repeat.


Promotions Manager also creates print-ready files for an eight-and-a-half by eleven flyer and a four by six-inch postcard. Simply click the download buttons and send the files to your local or online printer.


"Calendar" this is where you can see an overview of all your published and scheduled promotions. If you notice any gaps in your calendar, be sure to schedule additional promotions. 


To make edits, go to "Published" and click on the image of the promotion you want to edit and you will be directed to the offer detail page or click the three dots on the right of the promotion and select "Edit".




After you make the updates to the promotion, click "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.


If you previously scheduled a social post and/or member message about the promotion, be sure to visit Social Media Manager and Communication Manager in your Hub to edit the details so that they match your new, updated promotion.


Consistently running promotions keeps your members up to date on the latest information about your special offers and events. 👍