🧨 July 2024 Hub Action Plan: Streamline Awarding Points with New Workflow Ideas

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Automations for earning and awarding points will transform your workflow.

Below we share simple strategies to enhance efficiency and increase participation, all while keeping the Hub engaging and exciting!


Award Points with QR Codes to Boost Efficiency

QR codes make it easier for your team to award points at the chair. Members can scan a Hub-generated QR code (or multiple codes) for common rewards like, same-day-starts, treatment compliance and being on time.

Plus- The Hub’s QR codes are now supercharged to boost enrollment! Members can earn points for scanning, even if they aren't yet registered. Once scanned, unregistered members are prompted to collect their points by following a few simple steps.

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💡Idea: Lean into the Summer Olympics!  Create groups of reward points based on specific behavior and assign them bronze, silver or gold medal status. Each medal will have a unique QR code that your patients can scan based on their peformance that visit. Download the marketing assets below👇  and customize for your practice. 


Automate Registration with Scan to Join

Self service QR codes make member registration effortless. By opting for this feature, your members can quickly and easily join your program by scanning one of your Hub-generated QR codes. We’ve seen offices increase enrollment by 80% with this option!

💡Idea: Place promotional materials strategically around the office to increase member participation! This is a great way to engage current and potential patients with information about your unique and rewarding membership program.

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Marketplace_icon.pngNew in Marketplace

Explore our latest Marketplace additions to keep your Hub fun and engaging this summer. Discover new contests, surveys, social media challenges, and activity loops for July. Click the link below to schedule!


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 spotlight icon_blue.pngCustomer Spotlight


We're excited to spotlight Myrtle Beach Orthodontics for their brilliant idea: awarding Hub points to patients who wear their custom branded glasses to their appointments. 😎 

What a great way to boost patient engagement while spreading the word about their practice within their community!


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