Creating Community Partners With Your Rewards Program

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Member rewards discount programs are a great way to build additional value for your rewards program, they support local businesses, and provide additional benefits for your members. Win–Win–Win!

Your rewards program already helps you stand out in your community by offering rewards to members each time they visit, and when they engage in contests and surveys, leave reviews, and refer their friends. A member rewards discount program invites local businesses to offer special discounts to your rewards program members when presented with your physical rewards card or digital rewards card in the mobile app. Your community partners will value the opportunity to reach new customers and build business among existing customers. Your members will appreciate receiving this special benefit just for being a member of your rewards program!


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Use your Hub's Promotions Manager to list all of the discounts available to your rewards members. It's easy to set up, and can be updated with new businesses at any time. The latest information will always be available in your members' Patient Rewards Hub app, and online on your microsite. Click here to learn more about how to set this up in your Hub.


Getting Started

Coordinating a member rewards discount program requires two steps:

1. Inviting local stores and restaurants to participate

2. Communicating the special offers to your members


Inviting Businesses to Participate

You’ll find many businesses will be eager to participate in your member rewards discount program because it’s free advertising and helps them increase sales. A wide range of businesses can be approached to participate: local franchises of national chains, local restaurants or stores, car washes, dry cleaners, oil change companies, and more. Special offers can range from percentage or dollar amount discounts, to “buy one get one free” deals, to free items (like gift certificates when you take a test drive). To help you get started, we’ve created a sample wording for an invitation that you can send to businesses with your request for them to participate. We’ve also created a sample agreement form that you can have businesses sign to indicate their willingness to participate. The form can be updated with your logo and business name, and sent to local businesses as an electronic document, or printed and mailed. You'll find this sample wording and a link to the sample agreement form at the end of this article.


Communicating Rewards Discounts to Your Members

You can use the Hub’s Promotion Manager to launch your member rewards discount program, including a list of the businesses participating, and the offers they’re providing. You’ll also want to include a list in your office so that members don’t miss out on all of the great offers in the program. Include a list in your welcome packet when you introduce your rewards program to members, and have an updated list available as more businesses and offers are added to your program.


How Your Hub Can Help

1. Adding Value

Your discount program is designed to enhance the value of your rewards program, so make your rewards card the “proof of membership” to receive the discounts.

2. Promotions

Use Promotion Manager to promote your member rewards discount program, including adding logos and offers from all of your community partners. You can always edit your promotion to update offers or partners as they change, so the list will always be current in your Hub. Click here to view step-by-step instructions for setting this up in your Hub.

4. Build Awareness

Once you've launched your promotion, your Hub creates social posts you can send to Social Media Manager, an email and in-app message to send using Communication Manager, and a printable flyer and postcard with a QR code that points readers to a landing page linked from your website. 

3. Reminders

Set a task in your Hub to remind you to update your list quarterly. Each time you edit your promotion, your social media, communications, and print materials are updated so you can periodically remind members of the discounts they can receive by participating in your rewards program, which in turn increases perceived value of being a member of your rewards program.

5. Prizes

Add gift cards from your community partners to your prizes list in your Hub so that your members can redeem their points to support local businesses. Note: any gift cards you add to your Hub must be fulfilled in-office.


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Create a window cling or poster with your logo that businesses can display in their windows to let your members know they can receive a discount there.


Mail.png  Sample Invitation to Community Member

Hello! We’re excited to invite you to participate in our member rewards discount program!

At {your business name}, we value our community and would like to partner with you by offering special offers from local businesses to our rewards program members. Our member rewards discount program benefits our local economy by encouraging our customers and their families to shop local. In return, they receive special offers or discounts from these businesses as a card-carrying member of our {rewards program name} rewards program. There is no charge to partner with us in this program, and it’s easy to participate! Simply complete the attached agreement detailing your business name, location, and special offer, and return it to {email address}.

Let your team know that any customer that shows their {rewards program name} rewards card is to receive this discount. {Rewards program name} members may be carrying a physical rewards card (a plastic card branded to our office), or they may have our digital rewards card in our app on their phones.

Our members will receive a list of local businesses who are partnering with us when they join our rewards program. Additionally, we will provide them with an updated list quarterly to remind them that your business is included in the member rewards discount program.

Let’s get started so that you can be included in the initial launch of our program! Simply complete and return the agreement today or contact me at {phone number} for more information.


Mail.png  Discount Agreement Form

Ready to get started? Here's an editable discount agreement form you can download and personalize as you add community partners to your program. If you have any questions, our Customer Success team is standing by! Email them at