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Expanding your Patient Rewards Hub beyond your practice allows you to engage with your dental community, fostering brand loyalty and increasing referrals. Here's how you can effectively utilize your Hub for dental partner marketing:

Name Your Program and Create a Group

  • Set Up Your Group: Ensure you have a designated Dental Community group in your Hub. Example: Smile Success Society
  • Verify Your Tags: Confirm and edit tags within the Dental Community group for dental team members.
  • Enable Features: Select appropriate features for the Dental Community group. I.e. contests, surveys, reviews, and redemptions.

Set up your Dental Team Rewards Menu

Introducing Your Hub to the Dental Community:

  • Customize the Experience: Add the practice as a member to the Hub with relevant tags. Include any notes about their practice.
  • The Delivery: Create a personalized letter and program guide, along with treats for added appreciation.

Sample Dental Partner Rewards Introduction Letter: Join Our Smile Success Society to Grow Your Practice and Reach New Patients!

Customize to express gratitude and outline the benefits of the program.

Engage with your Dental Community

Now that you have them connected, keep them coming back!

  • Monthly Interaction: Use dental certificate pickups as opportunities to communicate program benefits and upcoming events.
  • Bi-weekly Contests and Surveys: Maintain engagement with regular interactive activities.
  • Themed Marketing: Align marketing efforts with monthly themes to incentivize participation.

Tips for a Strong Dental Partners Rewards Program

  • Stay Engaged: Use communication tools to share updates and success stories regularly.
  • Deliver Value: Provide valuable resources through events like lunch and learns, showcasing expertise and building trust.
  • Add a Personal Touch: Send personalized messages and rewards for birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Team Up: Collaborate with partners for community events, promoting teamwork and support.
  • Stay Connected: Seek feedback through surveys, involving partners in decision-making.
  • Play and Have Fun: Keep the energy high with monthly contests, quizzes, and giveaways.

Building brand loyalty through dental partner marketing is about fostering positive relationships and mutual growth. By implementing these strategies, you'll create a network of enthusiastic supporters contributing to your practice's long-term success.