October 2020 Hub Action Plan: Fun Tricks and Treats

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This month's Hub Action Plans gives you tricks and treats to using the tools in your Hub to inform and engage with your members. Quickly set up COMMUNICATION MANAGER to send emails and in-app messages, CONTESTS and SURVEYS to keep members engaged with your office, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER to automatically post throughout the month, and REFERRAL MANAGER to encourage members to spread the word about you. In less than 30 minutes your Hub can be updated for the entire month by following the action plan below.



Subject: Spook-tacular Ways To Earn Treats! πŸŽƒ

Body Text:

Halloween Treats 
Just For Boo!

This may be the season for tricks, but we've got nothing but treats for you this month! Your Rewards Hub is packed with new ways to earn points and get treats. Check it out:

  • Earn points by playing our newest contest – Pumpkin Patch Match
  • Take our latest surveys to increase your points total
  • Add some more rewards to your account by telling us a Halloween joke at your next appointment
  • Follow us on social media and comment on our posts to gain points
  • Click the REFER icon  on the main screen of the app to share our latest referral offer and earn MAJOR points as soon as they get started.

TREAT yourself to the perfect prize by redeeming your points in the Hub for gift cards to Amazon, Target, Starbucks, GameStop, or hundreds of other stores and restaurants. It's a SPOOK-TACULAR way to get rewarded for having fun!



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Title: Pumpkin Patch Match

Start Date: 10/1    

End Date: 10/31

Winner Prize: 100 points

Participation Prize: 2 points

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October is National Orthodontic Month. Tell us a story about the day you got your braces on.

It's National Orthodontic Month. Do you prefer braces or aligners?
β€’ Braces
β€’ Aligners

What is your favorite trick for flossing with braces?

October is National Pizza Month. What's your favorite kind of pizza?
β€’ Cheese
β€’ Pepperoni
β€’ Sausage
β€’ Supreme
β€’ Veggie
β€’ Margherita
β€’ BBQ Chicken
β€’ Hawaiian
β€’ Meat
β€’ Buffalo
β€’ Other

Tell us your favorite Halloween joke.

What is your favorite braces-friendly Halloween candy?
β€’ Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
β€’ Plain M&M's
β€’ Kit Kat
β€’ Three Musketeers
β€’ Hershey's Kisses

Would you rather read a scary book or watch a scary movie?
β€’ Read a scary book
β€’ Watch a scary movie

Would you rather wear a scary costume or a funny costume?
β€’ Scary
β€’ Funny

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Reward Items for October Points
Tell us a Halloween joke at your next appointment 5
Tell us an orthodontic fact at your next appointment  5
Wear pink or choose pink ties to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness Month 5
It's National Pizza Month. Share with us your favorite homemade pizza recipe. 5
Tag us in a photo on social media wearing your costume and showing your rewards card 15
Bring in your Halloween candy for a buy back - 2 points per pound 2

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Encourage members to refer their friends and family by scheduling a seasonal campaign. The Hub takes care of communicating your offer to members at the beginning of each campaign.

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