2022 Hub for the Holidays: December 🎁

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Sleigh the end of the year!

The best way to spread Holiday cheer is sharing Hub ideas for all to hear! This month's Hub Action Plans is filled with ideas to make the season rewarding. Host a Season of Giving Campaign to help those in need, and engage with your members with merry contests and surveys.






[Webinar Replay] Hub for the Holidays πŸŽƒ πŸ¦ƒ 🎁

During this webinar, we shared three marketing campaigns that help drive revenue, connect with community partners, and get everyone involved in your philanthropic endeavors. 
  • How to maximize a candy buy-back event
  • Implementing a Black Friday referral campaign
  • Promoting point donations with a Season of Giving promotion 



Promotion Manager is the perfect tool to help spread the word about all of your special events and offers. You'll find professionally designed graphics or upload your own. Once published, Promotion Manager really gets to work – creating a landing page, in-app message, social media posts, and print-ready flyers you can share with members and the public. And it can all be created in minutes!


>>>>  πŸ›   Click here for instructions to build this PROMOTION  πŸ›  <<<<



Surveys are an easy way to gather feedback from members while adding to the fun of your rewards program. Ask multiple choice or open-ended questions, or have your members rank their opinions on a scale.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Notifications are sent at the start of every new survey so stagger their start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day

  Multiple Choice Survey:

What is the best way to spread Christmas cheer?
β€’ Chocolate
β€’ Candy canes
β€’ By singing loud for all to hear
β€’ Bah! Humbug!

  Text Answer Survey:

What is your favorite holiday tradition?





Social Media Manager makes managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts quick and easy. Approve articles from its Content Library, mix in some of your own content if you choose, review the Social Calendar, and you've got a month's worth of social media presence in minutes.


** NEW **

Attached at the bottom of this article are some Season of Giving images to accompany the above promotion. If you are running this promotion, you can upload these images by going to Manage -- Social Media -- Add Content and upload the images accordingly.



SeasonofGiving_Social_2.jpg  SeasonofGiving_Social_3.jpg  SeasonofGiving_Social_4.jpg



Adding new rewards to your Reward Menu can generate more interest from members to earn points. Holding a special event soon? Award points to members who bring a friend with them. Or hold theme months and award points to members who participate. Add a "word of the month" to your social media or send the word in an in-app notification; then reward members who can recite the word of the month at their next visit.


πŸŽ„ Share our Season of Giving campaign on social media ............. 10 Points

🎁 Send a holiday card to a friend and tell us about it! ............. 8 Points

πŸŽ„ Wear an β€œugly sweater” to your appointment ............. 5 Points

🎁 Share your holiday wish list with us ............. 3 Points


Contests are a great way to add fun to your rewards program, automatically add a few rewards points to participants' profiles to maintain member engagement, and keep you top-of-mind. 

πŸ’‘ Tip: Notifications are sent at the start of every new contest, so stagger their start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day



Title: Best of 2022

Start Date: 12/1    

End Date: 12/31

Winner Prize: 100 points

Participation Prize: 2 points



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