Q3 2023 Hub Action Plan: A Chill Way to Do Marketing β˜€οΈπŸ¦πŸŒŽ

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Got lots of fun plans for the summer?

Save time with the Hub Action Plan's easy copy-and-paste marketing ideas you can add today!

Taking your rewards program to the next level doesn't have to be hard. Your 3rd quarter Hub Action Plan contains all you need to celebrate Independence Day, sow a harvest of referrals, and throw an epic end of summer blast – complete with a school supplies drive. Throw in some contests, surveys, and social media posts from your Hub's Marketplace and you've got plenty of time to unwind and chill this summer. 






07_JULY.png   Automations are a great way to award points to members without requiring staff time. Since consistently awarding points is key to a successful rewards program, activating automations in your Hub is an effective and easy way to put your rewards program on the path to success!

Red, White & Blue Month 




Celebrate Independence Day all month long! Encourage your patients, clients or customers to join your Red, White & Blue month celebration and earn rewards points. Edit the suggested copy as needed so that it's the perfect fit for your office. 

NOTE: holiday automations automatically award points to celebrate holidays, so if you don't want points awarded until your members participate in Red, White & Blue month, be sure to turn REWARDS [OFF].

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Promotion Manager is the perfect tool to help spread the word about all of your special events and offers. Once published, Promotion Manager really gets to work – creating a landing page, in-app message, social media posts, and print-ready flyers you can share within minutes.


End of Summer Bash & School Supply Drive ✌️


Throw an epic end-of-summer bash before the school year kicks off, and add an extra touch of meaning by organizing a school supply drive for your community at the same time! It's an amazing opportunity to have a blast while supporting local schools and students. 

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Join Customer Success Advisor Myrna Torres as she shares tips for making the End of Summer (What a Bummer) promotion the highlight of the summer.

Enhance the event's impact by organizing a school supplies drive alongside the event to foster community relationships while supporting students' success in school.

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09_SEPTEMBER.png   Seasonal referral campaigns are a great way to remind members that you offer rewards for referrals. We recommend creating a new seasonal campaign once every 2-3 months. Your standard campaign will automatically begin again once your seasonal campaign ends. 

πŸ’‘ Tip: Check Referral Manager to make sure you have a standard or seasonal campaign running so you never miss a referral.


Harvest the Benefits of Referral Rewards πŸ‚


This fall offer a cozy deal for your patients and their friends and family: rewards points, a free consultation, and a chance to win a fun autumn-themed gift basket when their referral becomes your newest patient. Consider displaying your prize in the office to create excitement for your referral offer.

Your Hub's Referral Manager helps spread the word with in-app messaging and emails to all registered members. It's also great for tracking your new leads and conversions! 

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Social Media Manager makes managing your your social media presence quick and easy. Search for social media posts in MARKETPLACE by key words, category, timeframe, or style. Invite your staff to "favorite" posts to quickly find relevant content. Upload your own posts to Social Media Manager, too, so you can see at a glance in CALENDAR what your month looks like.

>>>  Click here to quickly link to these social media posts in your Hub  <<<

July_Social_Media_Header__1_.png August_Social_Media_Header__1_.png September_Social_Media_Header__1_.png
July_4th_Generic_1.png This_or_That_Posts_Summer_Treats.jpg Happy_Labor_Day.jpg
National_Ice_Cream_Day_1.png Video_Game_Week_1.png Back_to_School_1.png
Summer_Engagement_bucket_list.png ToothFairyDay_1__1_.png CollegeColorsDay.jpg
Retainer_Day_2.jpg National_Dog_Day.jpg Patriot_Day.jpg



Surveys are an easy way to gather feedback from members while adding to the fun of your rewards program. Ask multiple-choice or open-ended questions, or have your members rank their opinions on a scale.

Marketplace   Check out the newest survey types in MARKETPLACE – including QUIZZES that provide immediate feedback on right or wrong answers. What a fun way to learn!

πŸ’‘ Tip: Notifications and social posts are sent at the start of every new survey so stagger their start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day

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July_Surveys_header__1_.png August_Surveys_header__1_.png September_Surveys_header__1_.png
Screenshot_2023-06-01_at_3.40.07_PM.png Screenshot_2023-06-01_at_3.41.57_PM.png Screenshot_2023-06-01_at_3.43.16_PM.png
Screenshot_2023-06-01_at_3.41.13_PM.png Screenshot_2023-06-06_at_12.46.27_PM.png Screenshot


Contests are a great way to add fun to your rewards program, automatically add a few rewards points to participants' profiles to maintain member engagement, and keep you top-of-mind. 

Marketplace   Check out the enhanced searching and sorting capabilities in MARKETPLACE to make it easier than ever to find the perfect contest each month, including staff favorites.

πŸ’‘ Tip: Notifications and social posts are sent at the start of every new contest so stagger start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day

>>>  Click here to quickly link to these contests in your Hub  <<<

July_Contest_Header__1_.png August_Contest_Header__1_.png September_Contest_Header__1_.png
WhatstheScoop_contest_thumbnail.png GuesstheAnimals_contest_thumbnail.png





Does Your Team Deserve Recognition?


Look no further than Hubbux Teams, a platform dedicated to enhancing the employee experience. Hubbux Teams is more than just a one-time gift, it's a year-round high-five, celebrating your team’s dedication, extraordinary skills, and the tireless effort they put into their work.

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Explore an Exciting Array of New Survey Types in Your Hub


Brace yourself for an immersive and dynamic learning experience with Quizzes! Your members can embark on a journey of knowledge, receiving immediate feedback on their answers. 

We've also introduced a whole host of intriguing survey types to keep the excitement going. Delve into the realm of tough choices with our Would You Rather surveys. Engage in lively debates with our This or That surveys. And challenge popular opinions with our Underrated or Overrated surveys.

 Give the new surveys a try today! βœ…




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