August 2020 Hub Action Plan: Back to School ✏️

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Monthly Hub Action Plans give you step-by-step instructions for using the tools in your Hub to inform and engage with your members. Quickly set up COMMUNICATION MANAGER to send emails and in-app messages, CONTESTS and SURVEYS to keep members engaged with your office, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER to automatically post throughout the month, and REFERRAL MANAGER to encourage members to spread the word about you. In less than 30 minutes your Hub can be updated for August by following the action plan below.

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Subject: Get Ready for School! ✏️

Body Text:


Can you believe it's almost time to think about going back to school?

Get prepared by redeeming your Smile Rewards points for gift cards you can use while school shopping. Or donate those points to our SCHOOL SUPPLIES DONATION DRIVE. You can also contribute by referring your friends to us. If your friends contact us by Labor Day we'll make a contribution to the school supplies drive, and you'll both receive Smile Rewards points. Click on "Refer A Friend" in your rewards account to get started.

While you're in the Hub, play our latest contest and take a survey to earn more Hub points, then check out the rewards menu for new ways to earn points both in and outside the office. Enjoy!


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Title: Animalia

Start Date: 8/1    

End Date: 8/31

Winner Prize: 100 points

Participation Prize: 2 points

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Is your school starting on time this fall?
• Yes
• No

• Unsure

What is the name of your favorite book you read this summer?

What makes you most excited to go back to school?
• My friends
• Lunch
• I love to learn
• Seeing my teachers

What is your favorite school subject?
• Math
• English
• Science
• Social Studies
• Art, Choir or Band
• Phy Ed
• Other

What do you like most about school? 

Which do you prefer?
• Crayons
• Colored pencils

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Reward Item Points
Bring in a school supply item for donation to a local school 10
Take a photo of your first day at school and share it on our Facebook page 5
Write a story about what you are most excited about when going back to school and share it with us 25
Completed your summer reading list 10
Take a photo while practicing social distancing at school and tag us 5

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Make a difference as students head back to school by collecting and donating school supplies for students in need. Offer to make your own donation when members refer their friends to you.

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