Informing Your Members of Office Closures & Schedule Changes

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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If your office is closing or changing its hours, you can notify them by sending them a message in Communication Manager

Start by deciding which Hub members should receive your message.

Then, provide a subject for your message. Here are a few ideas we've put together:

  • Office Hours Changing
    • Our Office Hours are Changing
    • New Offices Hours Starting Next Week
    • Good News, We're Opening Earlier!
    • New Year, New Hours :)
  • Office Closing
    • Our Office Will Be Closed Until [Date]
    • Office Closing Soon - Come Say Goodbye!
    • With a Heavy Heart, We Must Depart
    • Office Temporarily Closed From [Date] to [Date]

Next, you'll need to whip up the actual body of your email. If you can't think of what to say or need help getting started, try using one of the following examples below: 

  • Office Hours Changing

  • Office Temporarily Closing (for holidays, renovations, etc)

  • Office Temporarily Closed in Response to Emergency

  • Office Relocating

Finally, you can finish your message by deciding whether it should be sent via email, in-app notification, or both, and when it should send.