Scheduling a Seasonal Campaign

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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If you’re looking for a way to boost your engagement and referrals, try launching a Seasonal Campaign!

Seasonal campaigns temporarily override your Standard Campaign and allow you to:

  • Highlight an offer during a period of time
  • Increase referrals during a specific period of time
  • Test different rewards and messages to see what works best
  • Generate valuable performance data that will help improve your Standard Campaign

Let’s schedule one now!


Step 1: Set Up Your Refer-A-Friend Standard Campaign

To get to the Referrals page, hover over the Manage tab at the top of the screen then click on Referrals.


From here, click the Seasonal Campaigns button.


Finally, click Schedule New Campaign.



Step 2: Set the Name and Date Range

In the first two sections of the Seasonal Campaign setup page, you will be able to set the name for your campaign and when your members will be able to participate in it. 



Step 2: Set Rewards for Members and Invitees

When rewarding your members for referring their friends, points are always a great option, but if your business would like to offer something different, select the Custom Reward option instead. 


Next, click on the Invitee Reward to choose how you would like to reward any new lead who signs up with your business.

We recommend making this prize something that only referred leads can receive so that your members can feel good about giving their friends and family an exclusive deal that can’t be found anywhere else.

Here’s a few ideas that we’ve seen work well:

  • A Free Cleaning!
  • 10% First Year of Braces
  • $100 Off Teeth Whitening Treatment



Step 3: Review Messages for your Members and Invitees

Now that your rewards are set up, scroll down to the Advanced Settings section. This is where you can review the visuals and messages that will be shown to members and leads.

Here's a quick guide to each page's purpose: 

  • Campaign Image
    The member sees it on the Member Share Page and in your communications to them on social media, email, and the HUB. When a member shares the campaign, the invitee will see a matching image with a message directed to them.

  • Member Share Page
    This is the page the member sees it after clicking on Refer-A-Friend in the hub. It is where they will be able to share the campaign with their friends and family.

  • Member Message to Invitee
    This is the message the member sees after they click a share button on the Member Share Page, before they actually share. Having a pre-filled message makes it easier for members to share because the member does not have to think of what to say. However, the member can customize it with their own message if they desire.

  • Invitee Signup Page
    This message welcomes invitees to your business and captures their contact info

  • Invitee Signup Confirmation Page
    This page confirms to the invitee that they have successfully signed up for the offer!

To customize the content contained on these pages, simply click each of the headings. 

You will be able to select images for your campaign, update your messages, and preview the pages you've created.

When you're satisfied with the setup, click Save Changes.



Your new Refer-A-Friend Seasonal Campaign is scheduled!