Q2 2024 Hub Action Plan: Ideas to Grow Your Brand 🌷

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Q2-24 System Alert.gif HUB ACTION PLAN

Spring Forward with our Newest Hub Action Plan to Quickly Grow Your Brand 🌷

Spring has sprung, and so has our newest action plan of vibrant marketing ideas! Say goodbye to winter blues and hello to effortless brand growth with our copy-and-paste ideas. From sunny referrals to blooming promotions, lively social posts, exciting contests, and insightful surveys, let's make this season the brightest one yet for your business!

gray horizontal line.pngReferrals Icon_orange.png REFERRALS  |  Create An Ambassador Program

Pro Tip: Seasonal referral campaigns are a great way to remind members that you offer rewards for referrals, and offer 100% return since rewards are delayed until your prospect becomes a new member. We recommend creating a new seasonal campaign once every 3 months. Your standard campaign will automatically begin again once your seasonal campaign ends, so make sure your standard referral campaign is active.

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Building an ambassador program will foster a community of satisfied patients who actively promote your services to their networks, boosting referrals and expanding your patient base. By leveraging the enthusiasm and trust of your ambassadors, you can establish a powerful word-of-mouth marketing engine that drives sustainable growth and enhances your practice's reputation.

🙂 Click here to find all the details 🙂

gray horizontal line.png Promotions Icon_blue.png PROMOTIONS  |  Host a Community Cleanup for Earth Day

Pro Tip: Promotion Manager is the perfect tool to help spread the word about all of your special events and offers. Once published, Promotion Manager really gets to work – creating a landing page, in-app message, social media posts, and print-ready flyers you can share within minutes.

Community Clean Up_Promo.png

Hosting a community cleanup event for your customers and their families and friends on Earth Day showcases your business' commitment to environmental stewardship and community engagement, fostering stronger bonds and loyalty among participants. Edit the promotion as you add it to your Hub to fit the perfect community cleanup event.

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gray horizontal line.pngSurveys Icon_dark blue.png SURVEYS  |  Suggested Surveys for Spring

Pro Tip: Surveys are an easy way to gather feedback from members while adding to the fun of your rewards program. Ask multiple-choice (including quizzes with right/wrong answers), open-ended questions, or have your members rank their opinions on a scale. We recommend scheduling two or more surveys each month. Since notifications and social posts are sent at the start of every new survey, stagger start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day.

🆕  Click the link below to find suggested surveys for this Hub Action Plan ⬇️ 


Team Trivia Surveys

Team trivia can foster a sense of camaraderie and inject an element of fun into office visits. Use our new GUESS WHO surveys to ask questions like:

  • Which team member has worked at our practice the longest?
  • Which team member has the most pets?
  • Which team member recently got engaged/married?
  • Which team member just had a baby (or just became a grandparent?)

Add the first names of each team member as you build your survey. Once your survey ends you can use Hub messaging, social posts, and in-office signage to let everyone know which team member was featured in your GUESS WHO survey.


gray horizontal line.pngSocial Media Icon_red.png SOCIAL MEDIA  |  Suggested Posts for Spring

Pro Tip: Social Media Manager makes managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts quick and easy. Keep in mind that contests, surveys and reviews posts automatically from the Hub, so check the Marketing Calendar in your Hub to find days without posts.

🆕  Click the link below to find suggested social posts for this Hub Action Plan ⬇️  Q2-24-SocialGIF.gifgray horizontal line.png

Contest Icon_pink.png CONTESTS  |  Suggested Contests for Spring

Pro Tip: Contests are a great way to add fun to your rewards program and keep you top-of-mind between visits. We recommend scheduling 1-2 contests each month. Since notifications and social posts are sent at the start of every new contest, stagger start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day.

🆕  Click the link below to find suggested contests for this Hub Action Plan ⬇️ Q2-24-ContestsGIF.gifgray horizontal line.png

Contest Icon_pink.png CHECK THIS OUT  |  A Sneak Peek At Our Newest Feature!




Your Patient Rewards Hub is about to receive a new feature! Introducing Activity Loops: our gamified habit tracker that targets patient compliance for common pain points in the treatment journey. Rooted in the behavioral science of building healthy habits, this non-monetary rewards system empowers and encourages your patients to become the best versions of themselves – one closed loop at a time.

Watch for more information coming soon!


Make Work Play: Unlocking the Secrets to a Fun and Inspiring Workplace

Watch Brenda Ashwell in our recorded webinar as she shares how to unlock the secrets to a FUN and inspiring workplace!



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