Linking Your Glassdoor Review Site to the Hub

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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Getting reviews about your business is so important. Let Hubbux help you increase your reviews on platforms like Glassdoor! Follow the steps below to connect Glassdoor to your Hubbux account. 


Step 1: Integrations Settings

Click on the Settings gear ⚙️ > Integrations.




Step 2: Connect Glassdoor


Click Glassdoor>Connect to begin the connection process. 




Open a new tab and navigate to

  1. Go to the Employer Center
  2. Click Community Reviews.
  3. Click Request More Reviews.
  4. Select Shareable Link

Navigate back to your Hubbux account and paste the link. For more information, please click here


connect glassdoor.jpg


Type in your company name and the URL from Glassdoor and click Done


glassdoor connected.jpg


Now that you have Glassdoor connected, go to Manage>Automations and add one for "Thank you for your Review." Please click here for setup instructions.