April 2022 Hub Action Plan: Green is Groovy ✌️

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Down-to-earth marketing ideas you're really going to dig!

You'll be seeing green and thinking spring with all of the fresh ideas in April's Hub Action Plan. Schedule Earth Day-themed contests and surveys all month long to keep your members thinking of righteous ways to take care of Mother Earth.

Then invite them into your office or to a community event for an Egg-cellent Egg Hunt. When they find eggs containing QR codes, they can scan and earn points instantly. Doubling the points for the golden egg makes it egg-stra egg-citing!











New, hip social media content about Earth Day, Easter, Pet Day, and more, makes it easy to keep your online posts on point. And graphics to help you promote your next fab event or offer are right at your fingertips. 

All this can be in your Hub in mere minutes. What on earth are you waiting for? 🌎



Automations set up your Hub to instantly welcome members to your rewards program and award them points when they register their accounts. Additional points can be automatically awarded for reviews, mobile app logins, birthdays, and more. QR Code automations allow members to scan and earn points for office visits and fun scavenger hunts. Let your Hub do the heavy lifting by setting up all available automations.


Use the QR code automation to create an EGGcellent Egg Hunt in your office or in the community.

When members find the eggs they can scan the QR code on their phones and award themselves points.

Add extra points for the golden egg and members will be sure to feel "hoppy" to be part of your rewards program.

Click here to link to the egg hunt graphics and instructions for setting up the scavenger hunt in your Hub

Use the in-app message below to help spread the word about your EGGcellent Egg Hunt  ⬇️




The Communications tool makes it easy to stay in touch with members in between visits with professional graphics and messages that can be sent as emails and in-app notifications. Messages can be sent instantly, or scheduled for future release with or without a recurring feature. Set up templates to make sending follow up messages or care instructions easy peasy.


Set up the EGGcellent Egg Hunt in your Hub's QR Code Automations, then use Communication Manager to help spread the word.



Subject: Earn Points Instantly in this EGGcellent Egg Hunt 🐰 🥚

Body Text:

An Egg-citing Way To Earn Points That Every Bunny Will Love!

Does earning instant rewards points make you hoppy? Then stop into the office during the month of April for The Egg-cellent Egg Hunt!

We've hidden several eggs around the office, each with a bunny holding a QR code that you can scan to instantly add points to your rewards account. 

Find the golden egg and you'll earn DOUBLE the points.

We hope your visit is Egg-stra special!! 🐰 🥚



image is attached to the end of this article






Contests are a great way to add fun to your rewards program, automatically add a few rewards points to participants' profiles to maintain member engagement, and keep you top-of-mind. 

💡 Tip: Notifications are sent at the start of every new contest so stagger their start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day


Schedule the Green is Groovy contest for a fun way to celebrate Earth Day with recycling trivia


Title: Green Is Groovy

Start Date: 4/1    

End Date: 4/30

Winner Prize: 100 points

Participation Prize: 2 points





Surveys are an easy way to gather feedback from members while adding to the fun of your rewards program. Ask multiple choice or open ended questions, or have your members rank their opinions on a scale.

💡 Tip: Notifications are sent at the start of every new survey so stagger their start dates to avoid multiple notifications in a day

  Multiple Choice Survey:

What are some of your favorite Earth Day activities? (you can choose more than one)
• Plant a tree
• Plan a recycling event
• Clean up a beach, river, etc.
• Make a compost
• Carpool

make sure you check the box to allow more than one answer



  Text Answer Surveys:
  earth_day_2.jpg   What do you think is the best way to help the environment?  
survey images are attached at the end of this article  



Social Media Manager makes managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest accounts quick and easy. Approve articles from its Content Library, mix in some of your own content if you choose, review the Social Calendar, and you've got a month's worth of social media presence in minutes.

  Here are six new articles to get your April calendar started:  




Promotion Manager is the perfect tool to help spread the word about all of your special events and offers. You'll find professionally designed graphics, or upload your own. Once published, Promotion Manager really gets to work – creating a landing page, in-app message, social media posts, and print-ready flyers you can share with members and the public. And it can all be created in minutes!

Promotions___PatientRewardsHub.com_2022-03-11_17-48-50.png Promotions___PatientRewardsHub.com_2022-03-11_17-49-39.png Promotions___PatientRewardsHub.com_2022-03-11_17-51-02.png

Planning something special this spring?

Promotions Manager has dozens of graphics to help promote your next event or offer,

and they can target specific groups, or everyone – including the public!



Seasonal referral campaigns are a great way to remind members that you offer rewards for referrals. We recommend creating a new seasonal campaign once every 2-3 months. Your standard campaign will automatically begin again once your seasonal campaign ends. 

💡 Tip: Check Referral Manager to make sure you have a standard or seasonal campaign running so you never miss a referral

  RAF_March_PassItOn.png   If you missed the Pass It On seasonal referral campaign from March's Hub Action Plan, it's not too late. Spring sports are heating up, and it's the perfect time to knock a special referral offer out of the park. Click here to copy and paste your way to a grand slam.  



Adding new rewards to your Reward Menu can generate more interest from members to earn points. Holding a special event soon? Award points to members who bring a friend with them. Or hold theme months and award points to members who participate. Add a "word of the month" to your social media or send the word in an in-app notification; then reward members who can recite the word of the month at their next visit.

April Rewards

Tell us about an Earth Day event that you participated in ... 5 pts

Scan QR codes on our hidden eggs ... points vary



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