June 2021 Hub Action Plan: Vacay or Staycay

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Who's up for a summer vacation right about now? Whether your members are staying home or traveling, they'll welcome fun ideas for making this summer memorable. Start out with an in-app message that gives them some cool ideas for their summer bucket list, mix in a summer-themed referral campaign, some fun new contests and surveys, and posts to thank grads and dads, and you've got all the tools you need to start out their summer right. The best part? You can update your Hub for the summer in mere minutes, giving you plenty of time for your summer bucket list, too!





This seasonal referral campaign encourages members to refer their friends and family by offering an incentive for patients and their friends. If you don't offer orthodontics, feel free to adjust the campaign to fit the needs of your business. The Hub takes care of communicating your offer to members on day one.

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Subject: Vacay or Staycay? ✈️ 🏖

Body Text:

Vacay or Staycay?

What's on your bucket list this summer? Send us your favorite photos featuring you and your favorite summertime activity to earn Hub points and a chance to appear on an upcoming social media post.

Let's start some summer vibes with a few ideas for your summer bucket list!
Have a beach bonfire
Take a walk in the woods
Feed the ducks
Go bowling
Have breakfast for dinner
Go ziplining
Play in the rain
Paddle board
Go camping
Shop at a farmer's market
Get a temporary tattoo
Have a zoo day
Play cards or board games
Make smoothies
Go swimming
Watch a parade
Go to a concert
Do a random act of kindness

We can't wait to see your photos!
Email them to {insert email address} or post them on your own social media sites and tag us.
Have a great summer! 😎


The "Summer_Bucket_List.jpg" image for this message is attached to the end of this article

















Title: Where in the World

Start Date: 6/1    

End Date: 6/30

Winner Prize: 100 points

Participation Prize: 2 points





Multiple Choice Surveys:


What is your favorite way to travel on vacation?
• 🚗  Car
• ✈️  Plane
• 🚂  Train
• 🚐  Bus
• 🛳  Ship

going_on_vacation.jpg image is attached to the end of this article



Which national park was most visited in 2020?
• Yellowstone National Park
• Rocky Mountain National Park
• Grand Canyon National Park
• Olympic National Park
• Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Answer: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

National_Parks.jpg is attached to the end of this article


Text Answer Surveys:


What is your best summertime memory?


summer_memories.jpg is attached to the end of this article


Scale Surveys:


Father's Day is coming soon. How funny are your dad's jokes?


Please see the graphic to the right for instructions on how to set up a scale survey 


Dad_Jokes.jpg is attached to the end of this article










Reward Items for June Points
Celebrate Father's Day by telling us a Dad joke  5
Email us a photo of you doing something on your summer bucket list that we can share on social media 5
Post a photo of you doing something on your summer bucket list to your own social media and tag us 5
Take a photo wearing our practice sunglasses and tag us on social
Share your favorite smoothie recipe with us




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