Managing your Shopping List

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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Using the shopping list in your Rewards Hub makes it easy to see what your business needs to order at a glance.  It works simultaneously with the Orders section of your Rewards Hub, making your inventory counts instantaneously reflect your demands.  


To access this page, go to the “Manage” tab in the grey toolbar at the top of your screen, and click on “Shopping List” in the drop-down menu.




From here, you will be able to see all of items that have been ordered, the quantity of orders, and the dates ordered (the oldest order automatically shows first).


To see more specific information about the dates on which an item was ordered, click on the small grey triangle to the left of the item, next to the number in the quantity column.  This will expand the list, showing the exact dates on which that particular item was ordered and by whom.




If you’d like to have a hard copy of this list, simply click the "Print Page" button at the bottom of your screen.  It should pull up a page that looks similar to this: