Managing Your Prizes


Not only does the Rewards Hub come equipped with nearly 250 different prizes for nearly 100 different places of business, but you can also add your own! 

Adding your own prizes gives your users an even wider array of options to choose from and lets you advertise local businesses, charities, or other causes you care about in your Hub. 

Here's how it's done!


Access the Prize List

The Prizes menu allows you to clearly and easily see all of your prizes in one spot. To access this page, place your cursor over the Manage tab and click on Prizes in the drop-down menu.


Activate/Deactivate Your Prizes

To make a prize active or inactive, simply find the item on the list (the list is automatically divided into active and inactive items, ordered by prize value and alphabetically organized), and simply click on the bullet which makes it “Active” or “Inactive.”

If the prize you wish to remove is one that you created yourself, you may also delete it entirely by clicking Delete next to it.


Add a New Prize

To add a new prize, click on the Add New Prize link underneath the Quantity Limit box.

On this page, there are blank fields to enter the following: 

  • Prize Name - The title of the prize your members will see on the Shop Rewards page
  • Points Worth How many points must be redeemed in exchange for the prize
  • Quantity in Inventory - The number of these prizes your business has in stock
  • Prize Value - The monetary value of the prize (must be in X.YZ form)
  • Prize Description - A brief blurb describing the prize


Using the file upload box next to Prize Thumbnail, you can upload a 1MB (or smaller) icon of the prize. This is the picture your users will see when they see this prize in the Shop Rewards section. 


Once the thumbnail is added, check the box for Practice Prize to designate that this is a prize your office will offer. After checking this box, feel free to check any other boxes that you feel apply to this prize as well.


In the Prize Fulfillment section, choose whether this prize will need to be picked up from your office or shipped from your office to your member. If you select the second option, your members will be asked to provide their address during checkout, and you will be able to see it on their order. 


Click Save to add the new prize to the list!


Place a Quantity Limit

To help you keep inventory of your prizes, you can choose to have a notification sent to your business when any of your prizes fall below a certain count in your inventory. (If you need to adjust your notification settings to make this possible, there is a link on the page for this).

When you click the On bullet, a blank field titled "Quantity Limit" will appear in which you can enter the minimum number of prizes you would like to keep in your inventory at all times.  

Click Submit to save the amount.


Let the World Know!

Once your new prizes are activated, print the flyer attached to this article and post it prominently in your office, or paste it into a Communication Manager message


You can also use the thumbnail below in your social media posts. Click here to see how easy it is to create and schedule a social media post using Social Media Manager. 





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