Managing Appointments as an Admin

Customer Success Advisor
Customer Success Advisor
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You can use the “Appointments” feature to easily manage all of your appointments in one place. 
Reviewing Upcoming Appointments
To access this page, place your cursor on the Gear Icon at the top right of your screen.  Then, click on Appointments in the drop-down menu.
**Note** You must be an Admin to see these menus. Additionally, you must have enabled the Appointments feature.  


From this page, you will see all of the appointments for the current day. If you’d like to change the date, simply click the white box in the “Date” row, and a calendar will appear.
Search for the date you are looking for, and click “Submit.”  This will show all of your appointments for that day.


Creating Appointment Reminders

Reminding your members about their appointments can be automated with the Rewards Hub! You can set up regular reminders leading up to the appointment and include a custom message for your members.
To access this page, click on Edit Settings from the main Appointments page.  
Make sure your appointment status is On. Click Edit Reminder Settings to review current reminders and add any new messages for the system to send out.


You will be taken to Communication Settings. Appointments have a section there and you can manage your appointment time and recall reminders. Just click on the down arrow to expand the sections and make any edits.
You can set multiple reminders for your members, each with a different message. The more you utilize this feature, the easier your communication with your members will be!