Managing Task Templates

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Help your users prioritize their days and stay on top of their to-do lists by building task templates in the Hub!

By using the "Task Templates" feature, you can effortlessly delegate responsibilities to your users, set due dates for action items, and maintain a bird’s eye view on the inner workings of your office.

Interested in simplifying your day? Let’s get started!

Create your Tasks

To begin creating tasks, click on "Manage," followed by "Task Templates" in the drop down menu.



This will bring up the Manage Task Templates screen. A Task Template can either consist of one or many tasks, and is a great way to group a series of steps for a particular process.

Click on "Add Template" to get started.



A popup entitled "Add Template" will appear. Enter the name of the template and click "Submit" when you are finished.



From this screen, you can add a new task, assign it to the user who handles that responsibility in your office, and designate a due date.

Click the "+ add new task" link to begin.




For any given template, you can add as many tasks as you like. Simply click the "+ add new task" button for each additional task.




Once you've entered in all the correct information, click "Save."



A green text box will appear on the top of the page once the Task Template is successfully saved to the system.



Assign a Task

Once you’ve completed a task template, you can add it to your members’ accounts. This will make it easier for your users to track which members require what, and when it’s due.

To begin, pull up the member's profile, and click the "Tasks" tab.



Click "Add From Template," and select the template that you'd like to add to-dos from.



The tasks included in the template you selected will automatically populate on the page.
If any have already been completed or if any do not apply to this particular member, simply check the box to the left of them to drop them down to the “Completed” section.

Viewing a User’s Tasks

To see your tasks, click on the “See all tasks” link in the Tasks section of your home page.




To see tasks assigned to another user, go to Account>Users.



Click on the name of the user whose tasks you would like to see.



When you have accessed the profile, click on the "Tasks" tab in their/your profile to view their pending and completed tasks.
 Completing a Task
Once on the Tasks page of a user, you can mark tasks as complete. Simply click the check box next to the task that has been completed.
And it will drop down to the completed section!
You can also mark tasks as complete right from a member profile. Simply click on the "Tasks" tab. Then check the box to the left of the task that has been completed.
 Deleting a Task
If you would like to delete a task from a Task Template, simply hover over the task and click the red 'x' that appears to the right of its row.
Deleting a Task Template
If you would like to delete an entire Task Template, simply hover over the template and click the red 'x' that appears to the right of its row.