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Linking family members is an easy process that your member's parent/guardian can complete in just 4 steps. We've also attached a helpful flyer with instructions to the bottom of this article to display in your office. 

Step 1: Register the Children's Accounts

Each child's account needs to be registered before it can be linked to a parent profile. The fastest way to help members register is to go to their account and send them an invitation to the Hub.

Alternatively, you may provide them with their 16-digit rewards number that they can use on the app or on your practice's unique Patient Rewards Hub member portal. 


Step 2: Ensure that the Parent's Email is ONLY in the Parent Email Field

Parents will need to go into each of their children's accounts and make sure that their personal email (which they will use to set up their own parent account) is in the Parent/Responsible Party Email field on their children's profiles. They can do this using the following steps:

  • Log into each of child's account
  • Go to My Profile
  • Click on Profile Information
    • For children 12 or younger:
      • Scroll down to the Parent/Guardian Info section
      • Add the parent's email if it is not already there
      • Scroll up to the Contact Info section
      • Delete the parent's email from the Email field
        (Don't worry, it will still be listed in the Parent/Guardian Info, so the parent will still receive messages and be able to recover this account's username and password if ever needed in the future)
    • For children 13 or older:
      • Scroll down to the Contact Info section
      • Ensure that the email in their Email field is one that is unique to their account.
        (We recommend using the child's email if possible, as any email entered in this field cannot be used as a primary email on any other profile.)




Step 3: Create Parent Account

The parent will be able to create their own account using their own personal email. You may add them as a member, tag them as Parent and then send them an invite.

They can also self-register by following the instructions below: 

  • Going to the online member portal and clicking Register
  • Click I Never Received a Number or Code
  • Follow the steps on the screen to create their profile


Step 4: Link Your Children's Accounts to Your Parent Account

Once the parent's account is created, they can go to My Profile and click Linked Family Members>Link a Family Member.


Set Up Linked Family.png


Provide their child's username as well as their password.


Enter Login Info.png


Click Link to complete the process.  They may repeat the previous steps to connect additional children if necessary.




Once the children are linked to their parent's profile, they will be able to move in and out of their accounts by:

  • Desktop Browser: Clicking on the arrow to the right of your name, followed by your child's name listed below
  • Mobile App: Clicking on the Menu button at the top left, followed by your child's name listed below



If you need additional assistance, please contact us or have the parent contact us directly at