New Email & App Alerts for Contests


Your members love playing contests, so we've added the option to send them contest announcements via email and app messages in Communication Manager!


Now you can send emails and app notifications to your members announcing when new contests start and finish so that everyone gets a chance to play. Here's an example of what those messages may look like: 


And don't worry--only members who are eligible to participate in contests will receive these announcements. You can see which members are eligible by going to your Access Control page and looking at the groups in the Contests section. 

Setting Up Your Announcements

If you already have your Social Media Manager Contest settings turned on, you don't have to do anything to activate this feature.

Just in case you don't, though, here are the two steps we recommend you take in order to make sure everything is set up perfectly: 

  1. Set up, or update, your contest announcement rules in Social Media Manager. Here's a quick refresher on how to do this. 


  2. Head over to the Communication Manager Settings page, click on Contest Published, and choose how you'd like to notify your members. 





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