June 2020 Hub Action Plan: Celebrating Grads πŸŽ“ & Dads πŸ‘¨

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Monthly Hub Action Plans give you step-by-step instructions for using the tools in your Hub to inform and engage with your members. Quickly set up COMMUNICATION MANAGER to send emails and in-app messages, CONTESTS and SURVEYS to keep members engaged with your office, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER to automatically post throughout the month, and REFERRAL MANAGER to encourage members to spread the word about you. 

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Subject: Celebrate πŸŽ“ GRADS & πŸ§” DADS  !!

Body Text:


Join us by logging into your Hub and telling us a story about your dad in our new Father's Day CONTEST. Then answer some fun SURVEY QUESTIONS about grads and dads for additional points. We've also added NEW WAYS TO EARN POINTS – like sharing your senior photo, or telling us your favorite "dad joke."  

Know a special dad or grad who could use our services? We've created a SPECIAL REFERRAL OFFER just for them! Check it out by clicking on the refer-a-friend button in the Hub mobile app, then share it with all of the great grads and dads in your life. Enjoy!



The "Dads&Grads.png" image for this message is attached to the end of this article.  

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Title: A Story About My Dad

Start Date: 6/1    

End Date: 6/30

Winner Prize: 100 points

Participation Prize: 2 points

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What was your favorite subject in school?
β€’ English
β€’ Math

β€’ Science
β€’ Social Studies
β€’ Fine Arts
β€’ Physical Education

β€’ Other

What are your plans after graduation?
β€’ College
β€’ Technical School
β€’ Military
β€’ Other

How are you celebrating graduation during the pandemic?

Who was your favorite teacher?

What is your dad's favorite sport?
β€’ Baseball
β€’ Football
β€’ Hockey
β€’ Soccer
β€’ Golf
β€’ Fishing
β€’ Other

Why is your dad special?

If your dad could go anywhere on a trip, where would he go?

What are your favorite activities to do with your dad? 

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Reward Item Points
Posting your senior photo on our Facebook page 5
Sharing a TikTok video in your cap and gown 5
Uploading a photo of your senior yard sign to our Facebook page 5
Sharing your favorite "dad joke" 5
Writing a short story about why you love your Dad 5
Posting a photo with you and your Dad on our Facebook page 5

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Celebrate GRADS and DADS by offering a gift card to their favorite store when they join. Make the offer available to everyone – regardless of dad or grad status – to maximize your results.

The "Special_Gift" images for this campaign are attached to the end of this article.

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