Keeping Your Hub Current with Homepage Alerts


Hub admins can stay up to date with the latest Hub activity by checking their homepage tabs. 


New Leads

Click the New Leads tab to see the most recent leads who have been added to your Hub. 


Although new leads are primarily generated by your referral campaign, they can also be created by staff members who manually add leads to your Hub, and people who try to become members of your Hub by creating their own "self-registered" accounts in your Hub portal. 

If you would like to view a new lead and convert them from a lead to a member so that they can fully participate in the Hub, simply click on their name to go to their profile page. Once on the profile page, you can click Convert To Patient.


Pending Rewards

Most activities in the Hub can be rewarded without admin approval. To see those that do require admin approval, click the Pending Rewards tab.


These rewards often include things like contest winner prizes, referral bonuses, and miscellaneously awarded points.

If you would like to fulfill one, simply click the Fulfill button. If you would like to not fulfill it, you can either leave it as is or click Void to reject it entirely. 


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