Password Reset, Add New Member, Update Member Profile


We’ve made it easier than ever for your Hub members to get into their accounts! Here are the top three changes you should know about: 

  • How to reset a password
  • How to add a new member and help them log in 
  • How to update a profile

Check out this video to learn more, or read the article below!



Resetting a Member's Password

To reset a password, first check to see if they’ve ever logged in before. You can tell by going to their profile page and looking at their Last Login. 

If you can see a last login time, then that means they've already registered their account and confirmed that their email is accurate. This means you can send them a password reset email by clicking on More Actions followed by Reset Password.

In the Reset Password dialog box that appears, you can choose which email you’d like to send instructions to. Only emails that are currently associated with their profile will appear. If your member would like the instructions sent to an email that is not listed, please call our support line at (800) 560-1469 x3. We would be happy to help! 

If you see the words Not Registered, then they actually haven’t created their own password yet and therefore don’t need a password reset!

Tell them to click the Register button instead of the Login button and give them their registration code so that they can register their account, create their own password, and complete their profile information. 


Adding a New Member

To create a new profile in your Hub, click the Add New User. Our system update made this process easier, all you need to enter is the member’s first name, last name, and tag! If you would like to add a rewards card as well, you can do so at the bottom, or check the box to skip the section. 

Once they’re added, you can tell them their registration code, which they can use to register their account, create their own password, and complete their profile information. 


Updating a Profile

Since your members can now add their own profile information, your Hub will always show the most accurate information possible. If you ever need to update a profile yourself, though, you can do so by going to the member’s profile and clicking on More Actions followed by Edit Profile.

You can update any field that isn’t claimed. If a field is claimed, you will not be able to update it. Instead, let the member know that they will be able to update their own information by simply logging into their account and going to their My Profile page. 


And there you have it!

Now your Hub members should have an easier time logging in and keeping their information up to date. If you have any questions, please let us know! 

And as always, Have Fun In the Hub!

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