Spreading the Word about your Virtual Consultations


If your office is set up to accept new patients using virtual consultations, your Social Media Manager, Communication Manager, and Referral Manager are the perfect Hub tools to encourage rewards members to spread the word. 


Telling People about Virtual Consults on Social Media

You can create posts  about your virtual consults on Social Media Manager in just a few steps. 

Start by go to Social Media Manager and clicking on Add Content


Next, set the category of your post and the kind of post you'd like to make, and upload your post's graphic. You may create your own or use one of the graphics we've created for you located at the bottom of this article.  


Click Save & Schedule to choose when your post will be shown. Once satisfied with your schedule, click Save


Well done! Now your social followers will know that you are offering virtual consults.


Sending Notifications via Email and App Messaging

Using Communication Manager to inform your Hub members that you now have virtual consults is easy too! 

Start by going to the Compose page and choosing your recipients. We recommend creating a mass message by choosing a few groups. 


Next, write your message. You can add in one of the graphics we've included below or use your own! 


Before publishing, preview your message by clicking the Preview button.


Finally, schedule your message and click Submit to send it! 



Helping Members Refer their Friends & Family for Virtual Consults

You can set up a referral campaign to give your members a way to let their friends and family know you're offering virtual referrals.

Start by going to the Seasonal Campaign page and setting your campaign's name, schedule, and rewards. 


Next, upload the graphic your members and their invitees should see. We've included some paired graphics at the bottom of this article for you to use.


Create the message your Hub members will see. 


Create the message their invitees will see. 


Create the message the invitee will see once they successfully sign up. 


Create the confirmation message your invitee's will receive.


And finally, launch your campaign! 



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