Week 4 Hub Action Plan: Your Weekly Plan of Hub Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Week 4's Hub Action Plan begins today! This week we're focusing on honoring the healthcare heroes who are working tirelessly to heal our nation. In the Week 4 Hub Action Plan you'll find social media graphics, a new contest, survey questions, reward menu items, and even a special referral offer for healthcare heroes that you can immediately add to your Hub.

09_Zoom_Header_WeeklyHubPlan_3.jpgMeet online with PracticeGenius TODAY to walk step-by-step through this week's Hub Action Plan. It's a great "quick start guide" to prepare your Hub for the week ahead. We'll save time at the end of the meeting to answer your questions.  

Week 4 Hub Action Plan
Quick Start and Q&A
TODAY! Monday, April 13th
3:30 pm ET  •  12:30 pm PT
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Subject: Let's Honor Our Healthcare Heroes Together


We are all so thankful for the heroes on the front line of the pandemic, caring for those that need help the most.

You may know one of these heroes – a mom or dad, sibling, cousin, or friend – who is working tirelessly to help our nation recover from this health crisis. We invite you to share their story in our new 
Healthcare Heroes contest. Then participate in our healthcare-related survey questions, and comment on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts to earn HUB POINTS. Finally – help reward your favorite healthcare hero who has thought about transforming their smile by sharing a very special offer we've created just for them in the refer-a-friend area of the mobile app.

We're looking forward to seeing you back in our office soon. Until then, please give a huge shoutout to the healthcare workers that are healing our country. Stay safe and stay healthy!

P.S. Don't have the Patient Rewards Hub app yet? Check it out by visiting the App Store or Google Play store. If you don't know your login information you can request it in the app.



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Title: Healthcare Heroes

Start Date: 4/13    

End Date: 5/13

Winner Prize: 10 points

Participation Prize: 2 points

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What medical scientist studies the spread of diseases?
• Pathologist
• Endocrinologist
• Epidemiologist
• Immunocologist

(answer: Epidemiologist)


What body temperature are healthcare heroes hoping everyone has?
• 101.5 f
• 77.5 f
• 98.6 f
• 84.2 f

(answer: 98.6 f)

What day do we celebrate National Doctor's Day each year?
• January 15
• March 30
• July 22
• November 8

(answer: March 30)


What day do we celebrate National Nurses Day?
• May 8
• June 12
• February 23
• October 11

(answer: May 8)

Do you have any healthcare heroes in your family?


When you think of the word healthcare hero, who do you think of? 

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Reward Item Points
Thanks for posting your picture on our Facebook page dressed up as your favorite healthcare hero! 10
Upload your Hub profile picture with you and your favorite hero 10
Draw a picture that says "Thank You" to a healthcare hero and send it to us 10
Donate local food delivery to nearby healthcare heroes and ask them to tag themselves in a pic on our FB page 100
Donate your points to {insert charity here} and we will match your point donation TBD 
Send us a selfie wearing your homemade masks 10

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Create a special referral offer just for healthcare heroes and encourage your rewards members to share this offer with them. Be sure to leave your referral offer available long enough for healthcare workers to respond.

Click here for this referral image

Click here for step-by-step instructions for building this week's referral campaign

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Join us for a 45-minute webinar that gives you actionable and proven social strategies to help you connect with your followers, including tips for clarity of message, and platform picks. Learn how relevant content equals increased reach.

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An in-depth look at the top 5 Hub tools to use during office shutdowns, including Communications Manager, Social Media Manager, contests, surveys, and charity donations.

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Meet 1-on-1 with a Customer Success Advisor for an audit of your Hub. We'll have some great tips for you to start using today to communicate and engage with patients, generate reviews, and increase referrals.

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