Week 5 Hub Action Plan: Your Weekly Plan of Hub Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Week 5's Hub Action Plan begins today! We know that your patients are like family, so this week we're focusing on positivity and letting them know how much you care while social distancing. You'll find social media graphics, an Earth Day contest, survey questions, reward menu items, and even a special referral offer for friends and family that you can immediately add to your Hub.

Next week we'll provide valuable information you can use when you're ready to reopen your doors. Watch for your email or look for Week 6's support article in the Support Center on April 27. 


Meet online with PracticeGenius TODAY to walk step-by-step through this week's Hub Action Plan. It's a great "quick start guide" to prepare your Hub for the week ahead. We'll save time at the end of the meeting to answer your questions.  
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Subject: We Think You're Wonderful!


Hi [Recipient First Name] –

We really miss seeing our [Practice Name] family in the office and hope you're doing well and staying safe!

While you're at home, check out some new ways to earn points in your patient rewards account by playing a new contest that celebrates Earth Day, and answering new surveys. You can also earn points by sharing a special referral offer with friends and family using your Hub app. Because they know a valued member of our practice's family – YOU – they can save money on their treatment (once it's safe to begin seeing new patients).

Meanwhile, keep visiting our Facebook and Twitter pages for special messages meant to encourage you during the quarantine, including posts that invite you to share photos and tag us for more Hub points.

As soon as we receive word that it's safe for us to resume treating patients, we'll reach out to you through email and through the Patient Rewards Hub app on your phone, so make sure you're logged into the app and have notifications turned on.

Until we can see our [Practice Name] family again, we applaud you for doing your part to keep everyone safe. Thank you!

P.S. Don't have the 
Patient Rewards Hub app yet? Check it out by visiting the App Store or Google Play store. If you don't know your login information you can request it in the app.



The "We Are Family.jpg" image for this message is attached to the end of this article. 










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Title: Going Green

Start Date: 4/20    

End Date: 5/20

Winner Prize: 10 points

Participation Prize: 2 points

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What is your favorite inspirational quote?
• Believe you can and you're halfway there
• Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow
• Happiness is not by chance, but by choice
• Try to be a rainbow in someone else's cloud

What is your favorite way to stay positive?
• Focus on good things
• Keep a gratitude journal
• Open yourself up to humor
• Start every day on a positive note

Finish this positive sentence: Begin each day with __________

Who inspires you the most?

How can you spread positive vibes to those around you?

Share a quote that inspires you.

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Reward Item Points
Upload your photo to our Facebook page holding a sign giving thanks or encouragement 10
Upload your selfie to our Facebook page wearing your homemade mask 10
Upload your favorite braces friendly recipe to our Facebook page 10

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Let your patients know you're looking for patients as wonderful as they are by creating a special offer their friends can receive just for being referred by them.

PATIENT and INVITEE images for this campaign are attached to the end of this article.

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Last week! Join us for a 45-minute webinar that gives you actionable and proven social strategies to help you connect with your followers, including tips for clarity of message, and platform picks. Learn how relevant content equals increased reach.

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Meet 1-on-1 with a Customer Success Advisor for an audit of your Hub. We'll have some great tips for you to start using today to communicate and engage with patients, generate reviews, and increase referrals.

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Graphics for the in-app message and referral campaign:

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