Week 3 Referral Campaign: Referrals During an Office Closure


Note: this article accompanies Week 3's Hub Action Plan

Though your office is closed, members may continue to refer their friends using the Refer-A-Friend feature in their Patient Rewards Hub mobile app. This week's referral offer includes a special way to support local businesses by including rewards for local stores and restaurants.

Here is a step-by-step guide for setting up your campaign. Feel free to adjust the rewards and text to fit the needs of your practice.


Step 1: Set your Campaign's Name, Schedule, and Rewards


[Name your campaign]: Until We See You Again - Spring 2020

[Set schedule]:
Start: (today)
End: 5/31/20

[Set rewards]:
Patient reward: $50 gift card to your choice of dozens of local stores and restaurants (adjust if needed)
Invitee reward: $300 off full treatment (adjust if needed)

Step 2: Load your Campaign Image


[Campaign image]

Click here for the PATIENT IMAGE and click here for the INVITEE IMAGE

Step 3: Create your Patient Share Page Message


[Patient share page]:
Headline text: We Can't Wait To See You Again!

Body text:
Hi {Patient First Name}!

We can't wait to see you in our office again! In the meantime, we've created a very special referral offer to help support you, your friends, and our local economy. Help spread the word about {Practice Name} by using any of the links below, and your friend will receive {Invitee Reward} as soon as it's safe to begin. Once they do, you'll receive a {Patient Reward}. There is no limit to how many gift cards you can receive, so share this offer with as many friends as you choose. Stay safe! Stay healthy!

Step 4: Create the Message your Patient's Invitee will Receive


[Patient Message to Invitee]:
Message subject: Here's a great offer on braces and Invisalign

Message body: 
My orthodontist – {Practice Name} – is offering {Invitee Reward} once it's safe to begin treating patients again, so I thought I'd share before the offer ends on {End Date}.  Click the link to check out the details. {Practice Name} is awesome!

Step 5: Create your Invitee Signup Page Message


[Invitee Signup Page]:
Headline text: {Patient First Name} thinks you'll like this special offer!

Body text: 
Hello! Our office is currently closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, but we're continuing to reach out to people like you who are ready to begin transforming their smile when it's safe to do so. Because you were referred by {Patient First Name}, you'll receive {Invitee Reward}. Complete the information below by {End Date} to reserve this offer, and we'll reach out when we begin scheduling appointments again. Until then – stay safe, stay healthy!

Step 6: Create the Invitee Confirmation Page Message


[Invitee Signup Confirmation Page]:
Headline text: Congratulations, {Invitee First Name}! You will receive {Invitee Reward} when we can get started!

Body text: 
We will contact you as soon as we begin scheduling appointments again. Until then, visit us at {Practice Website} to learn more about us and the treatments we offer.

Launch Campaign!

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